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Mar 30, 2016

Getting Your Startup off the Ground: 10 Tips to Avoid Crashing and Burning

A lot of startups come to us with part of their plan already in place, having taken the initiative and done things themselves. This is great in theory, as every cent counts when trying to launch a lean startup for success. However, sometimes this inadvertently leads to other problems that can become major setbacks in practice, both in the short and long term. Whether it’s a tax sting or the winding up of a company, unless you’re on the right footing from the get go, if a problem doesn’t destroy the business outright, it may have the potential to do so through the professional fees you’ll have to incur in fixing it. We thought we would share a [...]

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Mar 23, 2016

Startup Launch program final at UNSW – Thursday March 31!

Something special happens every March on the weekends at UNSW.

30 students and alumni, who have been selected through a competitive application process spend their full weekends (and any time they have in between), forming new teams, identifying “problems that matter” and working through a lean startup based process with mentors to actually launch their startup within a month.

An iteration on the popular and successful UNSW Startup Games program, Startup Launch is far from a game. It might be fun but it is a serious program designed to launch new startups. Each year several participants drop out during the course of the program due to the commitment [...]

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Feb 18, 2016

Should I search for patents before I file my own?

One of the requirements for the granting of a patent is that the invention is new. To determine this, a ‘prior art’ search may be conducted, which looks for inventions that are similar to yours, usually in published patents. A prior art search may prevent you from trying to patent an old idea, saving you money.

Patent examiners perform their own prior art searches during examination. They will use the results of their searches against your application. If you search early enough you can prepare your application for prior art objections made by the examiner.

You can conduct the search yourself, pay for a professional search, or request the patent office to request a [...]

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Feb 14, 2016


Startup Name Monomail What problem are you solving? You receive two types of email everyday: human email and machine email.

It’s only the first type you interact with. You don’t have a typical conversation with your “Facebook – weekly page update” or “GoDaddy – Three days to save 40%!”.

They’re just one way automated messages you receive, everyday, in your inbox.

So we imagined a new way to manage all notifications, updates, alerts, promos and newsletters. What is your solution? Monomail is your new home for newsletters, notifications, updates, alerts, and all other machine-mail.WhatsApp is for messaging. Gmail is for emails. Monomail is for [...]

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Feb 13, 2016


Startup Name YoGrow What problem are you solving? ECommerce is the fastest growing retail market. This is a worldwide phenomenon. ECommerce is growing and as the technological barriers are lowered the market for small to medium sized businesses increases. YoGrow helps companies grow by helping them achieve their goals. If they need help to get there, our integrated marketplace connects them and lets them track their performance and return on investment.

The market is ripe for disruption. Other marketplaces have been flooded with poor quality marketers. The majority of e-commerce store owners have had negative experiences with hiring experts. They have been sold the snake [...]

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Feb 13, 2016

Actions s.r.l.

Startup Name Actions s.r.l. What problem are you solving? The basic paradigm of traditional desktop computing hasn’t much evolved in the last 30 years. Meanwhile, the quality and quantity of activities we expect to be performed on computers has changed and increased dramatically. The introduction of GUIs to personal computing was a perfect solution for allowing people in the 80s, who had never used or perhaps not even seen a computer, to be able to interact with these machines. Apple introduced the GUI in order to make “the computer for the rest of us” when “us” meant the people in the 80s, who had never seen or used a computer. Now “us” refers to those of us who have grown [...]
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Feb 12, 2016


Startup Name ZipShipit What problem are you solving? Having to drive down to The UPS Store or Post office and standing in line to ship a package What is your solution? ZipShipit gives consumers the ability to compare prices between carriers, print a label and ship a package from home or office while getting 15%-40% discounts off retail rates. Target Market Individual Consumers and Small Businesses How will you make money? Spread between the Volume discount rates that ZipShipit gets and the discounted rates that are passed on to the consumer Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? This is a $100 Billion industry that has not changed years [...]
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Feb 12, 2016


Startup Name QuietKit What problem are you solving? There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and stress seems to be ever-growing in our society, with few healthy ways to manage and deal with it. Meditation can do a lot to help people learn how to become less distracted and less stressed, but so many of the resources for meditation either complicate how to get started, or immediately try to upsell you before you see any benefit.QuietKit gives you guided meditation for beginners, for free, so you can get started right away, without having to sign up, install, or pay for anything. What is your solution? Learn to increase focus, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness with [...]
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Feb 12, 2016


Startup Name ExamZone What problem are you solving? We allow users to create exams and quizzes online. What is your solution? Users need to buy one of our response packages that included a number of responses for their exams and create exams online, by typing the questions and answers, and choosing the type of answer. Target Market Educational institutions, teachers, human resources departments How will you make money? By selling response packages. Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Dan Tatomir is the founder of this ingenious web-based app. He is passionate by everything involving technology, from web-based apps to flying his own [...]
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Feb 12, 2016

Big Rock Labs Inc.

Startup Name Big Rock Labs Inc. What problem are you solving? The Search & Discovery of local professionals. What is your solution? Reach: Connect Better, Locally.Reach is how professionals meet locally. It’s a free smartphone app that uses geolocation to help you discover the professional talent and prospects closest to you. It also makes networking easy with in-app event registration and a safe & secure instant messaging platform. Reach is the perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their network and make real handshakes. Target Market Professionals of all ages How will you make money? We have a Freemium business model and plan to sell premium features of the app [...]
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