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Oct 13, 2015

You Can’t & You Can

Every new startup I talk to recently seems to have a problem with picking their best opportunity to win market and remaining focused. 

You can’t 

You can’t address every market, not initially.

You can’t have every feature, in your first release.

You can’t afford every marketing channel or experiment or advertising special offer, conference, event, put to you by a sales person or sent to you in an email, you only have limited bullets to fire.

You can’t wait until its perfect, you have reduce it to the bare essentials, make a call and ship what you have.

You can’t have all the resources [...]

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Jun 24, 2015

Get Angels Now – On Demand Massage App

Ed: This is the long awaited launch by our long time contributor Andrew (Wardy) Ward from 3 Minute Angels.

Essentially the Uberfication of Massage he is signing up 1000s of masseuses to the platform.

Everything is being Uberfied (I even saw a pitch on Laundry the other day) and I expect this trend to continue until it becomes ridiculous (we might be close to Peak Uber now) but massage is one of those spaces it makes sense.

Wardy wanted me to make the point this is aimed at the Therapeutic Massage market, but I also believe it has huge opportunity in the racier end of the spectrum :).

Ever wondered why you can get a massage on the beach in Thailand for $10 [...]

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Jun 13, 2015

Upsafe – Google Apps Backup and Data Security Service

Ed: This is actually a pretty good idea. Most of the world is just terrible at backup. Phones, Notebooks, Small Business Servers. Corporates have laptops running around that are never on the network at backup time, the IT Admins response is everything should be stored on the server and it will be backed up, but thats not how people work, they like their documents local. I ran a business for 8 years where one of our key and constant issues was ensuring customers had functioning backups.

But not many people talk about backup in the day of Cloud Computing, its almost forgotten and while you are far less likely to lose data in Googles multi server cloud farm with redundant copies [...]

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Jun 12, 2015

DrumUp – Content Recommendation and Social Sharing Tool

Ed: DrumUp finds content for you to share via your social networks, which puts it partly in competition with Buffer (Im a paying Buffer user and I highly recommend it).

Content curation and commentary is the new SEO as a means of attracting an interested group of followers, it engages followers in a way that is hard to get from SEO and decreases reliance on Google for driving visitors and engagement.

It appears to do a better job on mobile than Buffer and a better job of finding and presenting content but its not as slick on the content sharing side, Buffer offers a Chrome Plugin which lets me share to as many social network accounts as I like with one click [...]

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