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Aug 12, 2015

Defender 24/7 – Smart Personal Protection System

Ed: Great to see a hardware startup pitching and we would love to see more.

I wrote an article about the Defender about a year ago when they were first launching, I liked it then and I like it now, its a great idea to help protect women, very happy to see they have survived and are going strong.

Startup Name Defender 24/7 What problem are you solving? A violent crime occurs every 25.3 seconds in the US, with 67% of those crimes occurring outside of the home. Stress of a personal crime dramatically impacts the victims memory and ability to identify their attacker. Existing self-defense products are inadequate in providing total protection. What is your [...]
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Mar 13, 2015

Hardware trends 2015 – Cyril Ebersweiler, Founder & Managing Director at HAXLR8R

Ed: The best presentation on hardware in 2015, possibly ever. I visited Cyril and HAXLR8R in Shenzhen in October and saw their hackerspace which is 200m from probably the largest wholesale electronics component market in the world.

Arguably they are one of the most successful non corporate hardware accelerators in the world with over 50 startups with a 98% survival rate.

Interestingly they run a very different strategy around the startups than most accelerators.

Basically the concept is “no man gets left behind”, if the teams initial product idea doesn’t fly, Hax sticks with them to help them pivot into something else.

“A week in [...]

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Oct 21, 2014

Cool Hardware Only Gets You On The Starting Grid

Visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Expo this week has made me realise that while you must have cool hardware to compete in western markets, cool hardware alone is insufficient to ensure a successful product launch.

We walked for two full days through the massive sprawling exhibition centre which is spread over about 20 acres and a labyrinth 5 levels and sub levels arranged across numerous buildings.


There were 1000s of exhibitors and Im sure that despite a forced march for 2 days we still missed some of it.

Perhaps I am little jaded, I review new inventions and [...]

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Sep 30, 2014

Prototyping Hardware – 15 Lessons Learnt the Hard Way

I started writing this article 6 months ago, but such is the nature of hardware, you think its going to be a 3 month project but it turns into 12. I am not an electrical engineer by trade, although I spent the first part of my working life working on aircraft and components so I am used to building things. 


A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

Mark Twain

This quote always makes me laugh, just in case you don’t get the idea, essentially it means you sometimes have to do things and make your own mistakes, people can tell you what will happen but until you screw it up [...]

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