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May 31, 2016

The 5 Tricks To Build A Startup In 6 Months Like A Pro

I wanted to reach out to everyone in this blog post and share with everyone some awesome tricks to build a startup lightning fast, validate your idea within six months and have a growth-ready startup or die trying. Ok so not the latter, just the former.

What I want to discuss here are the great things you can take advantage of because you live in Australia. We have an amazing safety net to catch fallen entrepreneurs and a startup environment which now has pretty good infrastructure. So let’s get to it, what should you do? Well the first thing is to have an idea and assuming you have one, let’s get to the first step:

If you are new to the startup game, time to get a [...]
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Apr 3, 2015

My New $156 Startup

Jarrod Robinson is

Guest Post by Jarrod Robinson. Jarrod is a Physical Education teacher from country Victoria Australia that is incurably entrepreneurial. He builds apps in his spare time and blogs and podcasts regularly and has built over 100 online products and services. You can find more about his apps and his experiments at

In November 2014 I made the decision to get started on bringing my fourth major new web app to life.  However, prior to tackling what would become my biggest development, I needed to ensure that people would actually purchase it. So with this in mind, It was time to repeat [...]

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Nov 17, 2014

Bootstrapping ClubQnect – Daniel Liang

Ed: This week we will be featuring a number of guest posts from young undergraduate students from University of New South Wales who are building real businesses while still studying. This week is Daniel Liang, one of the founders of ClubQnect.

I saw Daniel and his team pitch ClubQnect at the Peter Farrell Cup last year and at the time I had my doubts about the business model. I thought the team would probably fade away but what I have seen is a great team take it from idea to a slick working product and now proceeding to sell into a multi-sided market and create business model in just under a year and I think that’s impressive.

Daniel [...]

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