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Apr 27, 2015

Extending The Range of Drones Using Hybrid Power-plants – Interesting Problems for Entrepreneurs #2

The Problem:

The most viable UAV airframe for delivering stuff or doing anything useful around the city, Search & Rescue, Surveying, Short Range Monitoring or Agtech is a Quadcopter.

The Quadcopter is a viable way to carry a decent payload without the spectre of an pilotless helicopter with a 1-2m blade spinning around the city uncontrolled.

Single Rotor Helicopters are a more efficient design than Quadcopter’s and get the advantage of more efficient lift from both their rotary and their forward motion through the air.

The advancing and retreating blades change pitch as they rotate using what is known as a Swash plate which is also what controls the [...]

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Apr 24, 2015

Air Traffic Control Systems for Drones: Interesting Problems for Entrepreneurs #1

Last year I wrote a post called 5 Real Problems That I Really Think Need Solving which was very popular.

One of our contributors Australian Entrepreneur and Inventor Ian Maxwell was on leave recently and started an Invention a day post while travelling. His posts have inspired me to update my Interesting Problems that I believe are great entrepreneurial opportunities.

So today I kick off a fortnight of Interesting Problems.

Air Traffic Control Systems For Drones.

The Problem:

No Government Air worthiness agency in their right mind is going to allow anyone to blindly fly their drone ferrying 6 packs and pizza around cities without [...]

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