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Dec 18, 2014

Tansel Ali is Nailing It!

This Nailing It goes to Tansel Ali, once you know his story, it’s very hard to forget.

Tansel is 3x Australian Memory Champion, represented Australia in the World Memory Championships, featured in two award-winning documentaries on the brain, completed two masters degrees (IT and an MBA), is a bestselling author of ‘The Yellow Elephant‘, and memorized two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days.

Tansel & Wardy

He now speaks internationally on the topic of memory and personal development.  And, I think he may have the “key” in this field.  Let me explain, personal change [...]

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Nov 23, 2014

Derek and Kirrily Bloomfeld are Nailing It

Ed: Some readers may wonder why we are profiling agriculture and farmers. Although many tech commentators are focused on the latest apps, cloud services and gadgets solving 1st world non problems and wouldn’t know a cow if they fell over it, we see agriculture as being a real world problem which in our opinion is one of the top 5 sectors that technology startups should be focusing on.

There is something very elegant about a business done well.  Each bit of the business process re-enforces another bit, in a virtuous cycle.

I like crowdfunding for the same reasons – capital, wisdom, iteration speed, forgiving early adopters and a [...]

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Nov 5, 2014

Gavin Blake is Nailing It

A thoughtful person knows that a picture tells 1000 words and a wise person knowing this chooses their pictures carefully.

This is what Gavin Blake, the subject of this weeks ‘Nailing It’ does.

Gavin is an expert at condensing ideas, systems, procedures and conversations into a graphic anyone can understand at a glance.  Check out his business .

When your job is to make audible information visual you have to have a special brain that switches between listening, digesting and depicting. It’s a skill most of us don’t have.

Too much or too little information the result is not representative of the [...]

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Oct 8, 2014

Ben Thompson is Nailing It

In Australia, everyone has a mate called “Thommo” and I’m proud to count a few. This weeks Nailing It goes to my mate Ben Thompson (aka Thommo) who is going from strength to strength.

Ben Thompson

Thommo is a wonderful mate who is generous with his time and wisdom. He and Caz (his wife) and beautiful children Henry, George and Grace have been a model for my Partner (Sally) and I.

It was overlooking a stormy Bondi Beach, Sally and I had learned we were expecting number 2. We were anxious about it living up to the experience of a first child – who we were very much in love with.

Ben who had his 3 explained, “You have your first child [...]

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