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Aug 2, 2014

New Inventions – Three easy ways to destroy your chances of getting a patent

Justin Blows

Guest Post – Justin Blows is a Patent Attorney and the founder of Phoenix Intellectual Property. He has extensive experience in protecting a very broad range of technologies, including mechanical, electrical, information and communications technologies (ICT), mining, optoelectronics and photonics, water, and energy. 

Prior to his present career, Justin co-founded and was a chief investigator of  The Centre of Excellence for Ultrahigh Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems (CUDOS) at The University of Sydney and a reviewer of IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, and be a member of technical committees such [...]

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Nov 12, 2013

Now that’s a solar plant – @Kyocera opens 70MW Solar Energy Plant in 15 months

Kyocera 70MW Solar Plant – Artist Impression in 2012 – Credit

Earlier this week Kyocera Corporation announced the launch of a 70 megawatt (MW) solar power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan. The Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant went online on November 1 and is being operated by a special purpose company established by Kyocera and six other companies to sell the electricity to a local utility under Japan’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program. An inauguration ceremony was held on November 4, with the attendance of company representatives and local governments to commemorate the launch of the country’s [...]

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Aug 25, 2013

The week’s most interesting Tech Stories

Nasa puts Saturn Launchers up for sale

Dr Evil – Credit Austin Powers babe

NASA has decided to put the historic Saturn Rocket Launchers up for sale. Megalomaniacs and world dominators can apply here

It will be interesting to see if anyone actually has a spare desert island to put them on. But in all seriousness would it be better for a new space company to use the old units, or build new facilities? Has state of the art moved on? You would have to think NASA has learnt a lot in this time, but I guess in the world of big

The launchers have been in mothballs for some years and have had large quantities of parts [...]

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Aug 14, 2013

Sunswift unveils sexy new Solar Powered Race Car

Sunswift the University of NSW Solar Car team has unveiled their new entry for the  2013 World Solar Challenge being held in October.

Sunswift Eve Unveiling – Credit Sunswift

The new solar-powered 5th generation car, named eVe, will compete in the 3000 kilometre race from Darwin to Adelaide which runs every second year and attracts international competitors.  The eVe is refreshingly car like and nothing like your typical Solar Challenge cars which look like cut down single person pizza boxes on wheels.

Nuna solar-powered car, which has travelled up to 140km/h (84mph). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The car [...]

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