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May 5, 2015

PIRX one – 3D Printer with Self Levelling Print Platform

Ed: In my experience keeping the print bed level on a 3D printer is one of the biggest pain in the butt as well as being one of the most frequent causes of print failures even on $5k models like Makerbox 2X.

Self Levelling print platforms should be standard on all 3D printers, about time they went mainstream, well done guys. 

Startup Name * PIRX one What problem are you solving? The big problem of all FDM printer is a crooked bed, which results in bad printouts. PIRX one solves this problem thanks to the features in which it’s equipped. Getting rid of this problem makes 3d printing much easier and user-friendly. What is your solution? We equipped PIRX one [...]
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Sep 30, 2014

Prototyping Hardware – 15 Lessons Learnt the Hard Way

I started writing this article 6 months ago, but such is the nature of hardware, you think its going to be a 3 month project but it turns into 12. I am not an electrical engineer by trade, although I spent the first part of my working life working on aircraft and components so I am used to building things. 


A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

Mark Twain

This quote always makes me laugh, just in case you don’t get the idea, essentially it means you sometimes have to do things and make your own mistakes, people can tell you what will happen but until you screw it up [...]

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Aug 20, 2014

MetalTree’s HUGE 3D Printer demos at Sydney Maker Faire

Meet the Metaltree 3D Printer maker Jason Crowe.

Metaltree-Jason Crowe

At 1.2m high this is the biggest 3D printer I have seen (and none of it is support cabinet), earlier in the year we researched over 50 printers in our 3d printers comparison and this is significantly larger build volume than anything I have seen on the market short of the industrial versions.

It uses a Delta configuration which means that the extruder head moves around on 6 arms and the build plate doesn’t move at all.

This simplifies construction and allows for a larger build space for a given size and weight than a traditional 3d Printer where the [...]

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Jul 20, 2014

Ownphones – Custom printed Bluetooth Earphones



Startup Name * OwnPhones What problem are you solving? OwnPhones (#ownphones) today went LIVE with a Kickstarter (#kickstarter) campaign ( to help complete the development of its revolutionary product – the world’s first wireless 3D printed, personalized smart earbuds (#earbuds) and an accompanying mobile app for iOS (Android to follow).The campaign, which has a funding goal of $250,000USD, features limited Early Bird specials of 50% off all sets of earbuds (regular retail prices range from $299USD to $449USD).Designed to fit perfectly and built exclusively for each individual ear, OwnPhones [...]
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