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Aug 14, 2015

Qualitimes – Personal Relationship Manager

Ed: I get a few pitches a week on a new social networks, they always make me cringe, usually some misguided hopeful has decided that his yet to be coded masterpiece will singlehandedly kill Facebook.

But I think this one is different.

The core premise of actually taking time to manage your most important personal relationships struck me as a thing which shouldn’t have to exist in this day of instantaneous communication and social networked everything and yet regular intimate connection with people who are important in your life has never been more difficult.

He might be onto something…..

Startup Name Qualitimes What problem are you [...]
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Aug 10, 2014

This young man is going to change the world – Hackathon produces low cost Malaria detection prototype on a smart phone




Low cost Malaria Diagnostic imaging on your smartphone

Athelas Low Cost Malaria Diagnosis using a Smart Phone

I love to see real world problems being solved (many of you may have read my rants on startups solving 1st World Silicon Valley Hipster Problems)

Malaria is the worlds biggest killer. The tiny Mosquito has over 2000 species, attacks over half the worlds population and kills over 725, 000 people a year.

You may have recently seen Bill Gates infographic which describes the loss of human life each year to Malaria and yet it gets almost no media attention compared to Sharks, Crocodiles, Snakes and many [...]

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Jul 4, 2014

ForeFlight: iPad and iPhone aviation apps for pilots with aviation weather, AFD, flight plan filing – Cool #startups

Bootstrapped #app maker has managed to get US Airforce and numerous other companies using its $150 per month service.

The #ipad & #iphone app overlays real time weather, changes in airports and other flight time information which was previously impossible only a few years ago when pilots had to use paper maps.

Apparently large aircraft still regularly land at the wrong #airport and do all sorts of things which you would think wouldn’t happen, but supposedly many airports look similar from 10,000 feet and the Earth’s magnetic fields are constantly shifting, which needs to be updated on maps every 30 days which means replacing your paper [...]

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Dec 27, 2013

Keepal – Great app for hands free driving – reads your messages out aloud in the car


New app from an Australian based team of developers offers a safe way to receive messages, emails, and information whilst behind the wheel.

Keepal ( is designed to keep you focused on the road while staying in touch with the outside world. Apparently one third of all traffic accidents are attributed to driver distraction and increasingly this is as a result of interaction with a smartphone.

Keepal is like a PA in the car, reading out SMS, email, calendar events and social messages, and even replying to some.  An additional feature allows news headlines to be relayed as well.

Founders Mike Wilkinson and Mike [...]

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