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Aug 12, 2015

IoT Maker Meetup @ The Columbus Idea Foundry 25 Aug

Event Name IoT Maker Meetup @ The Columbus Idea Foundry Event Details We want to meet the entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators of Columbus, Ohio! Anyone with great ideas and skills who wants to learn and collaborate on turning those ideas into marketable businesses should attend.Expect: – Seminars and talks about IoT, technology, and entrepreneurship – Networking with Columbus’ finest – Free foodThis is ContentVia’s 3rd ever IoT Meetup and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Address (Address, City, Country) 435 W. State St Date 8/25/2015 Organiser (person, company, org) Ryan McManus & ContentVia Link to [...]
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Aug 27, 2014

Is this the best place in the world to prototype hardware? Visiting Shenzhen

SEG Plaza Shenzhen – Credit Wikipedia

Shenzhen is the best city in the world for Makers, Hackers and anyone who needs to build physical product. After two visits I am convinced you are crazy to build electronics or hardware in any other part of the world.

I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It was my first time into China, I found Hong Kong exciting but exhausting and despite the stories I had heard about Chinese cities I found Shenzhen to be very clean, safe and it just seemed to work really well as a city, traffic was ok, the metro was very efficient, streets were clean and the people [...]

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May 28, 2014

Grovestreams IoT platform

Interesting new startups is a regular feature, if you want your startup featured next week List your startup here. 



Startup Name * GroveStreams What problem are you solving? Providing actionable intelligence in the cloud for the Internet of Things as massive amounts of data arrives. What is your solution? Our solution is to apply today’s business intelligence capabilities to the internet of things along with the following capabilities: – Device and stream modeling – Device data logging – Data Visualizations – Complex expression based stream analytics – Event detection with Notifications – Geo [...]
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Oct 28, 2013

Internet of Things – Big List of Companies, Products, Devices and Software by Sector

I have recently spent a lot of time researching the companies and products in the Internet of Things (IoT) space and decided to list all of these out into a post to make it easy to see who is doing what. It’s a work in progress, it’s not complete (will never be) so please be patient as I add additional resources and information. The original inspiration for this came from a Techcrunch infographic by Matt Turck managing director of FirstMark Capital but it was lacking URLs or any useful descriptions or photos about the companies. It has since been supplemented by about 100 other companies that I have [...]

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