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Aug 26, 2015 – The Community For Marketing Professionals

Ed: I Like , just like Inbound is a community site with a focus on the members helping grow each others businesses and learning from each others experiences.

Startup Name What problem are you solving?  We’re on a Mission to Help One Million Marketers. What is your solution? Together, we’re smarter, we can share more ideas and opportunities, connect with each other individually and stay on top of this fast moving industry. We want to build a hub for all is a community for Inbound Professionals to share and discuss the latest ideas and best practices with the inbound community. Together with our [...]
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Jul 10, 2015

The Developer Marketing Guide for Startups

Great idea, having built a few businesses and platforms, some moderately successful others total flameouts, I can tell you from hard won experience (I call it tuition fees) Marketing & customer acquisition is usually where most new apps and platforms fail, not tech and not funding initially.

Startup Name The Developer Marketing Guide What problem are you solving? Marketing to developers is notoriously difficult, this guide features methods and tools from some of the most successful Developer Marketers in the industry. What is your solution? The Developer Marketing Guide is an open collection of the best resources for developer marketing. We want to encourage a [...]
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Aug 24, 2014

Cash Flow Crisis? 10 Ways to Kickstart Your Business

Ed: If you are in business sooner or later you are going to hit a Cash Flow Crisis. Its embarrassing and stressful but you have to take action to deal with it. This week Wardy of 3 Minute Angels shares what he did recently to solve a short term cash problem.

Can you really think through your own growth tactics objectively? This was the question I found myself asking myself last week.Are you too close? Is this all too subjective for you? Usually people get consultants for this…You see about a week ago I had a cash flow issue. I had more bills than income. I had over extended myself by working on my stable of startups.

There was certainly bad management on my [...]

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Jul 11, 2014

Tripbooka – get a quote from multiple Travel Agents


The Pitch


Startup Name Tripbooka What problem are you solving? Traditional travel agencies are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with larger online travel providers for new business. With clients becoming time poor and more web-savvy, traditional travel agents now need to fund an online presence involving web optimisation, SEO, PPC, or digital #marketing initiatives which can be costly and impact operating expenses. For the traveller a lack of centralised online travel content and personalised online customer service makes it difficult for travelers to research and book tailored travel online. Time poor travelers do not have time to liaise [...]
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