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Sep 2, 2014

SydStart 2014 Live

Feel free to use the images if you like them, please just send a credit back to


We are on the edge of a monumental opportunity for out nation and ourselves

State of the Start

Clover Moore



Alex Greenwich Independent Member

Great to see local government looking to support business of the future rather than propping up industries of the past.

Wow a politician that gets it!!

Alex Greenwich

Immigration reform

Attract Talent

Visas for Startup Entrepreneurs


Matt Barrie

Everything going to software

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Aug 30, 2014

SydStart 2014 Agenda Announced – Awesome Lineup

Time is running out. Go into the draw to win two tickets to Sydstart or purchase here with 25% discount use the code S88MATES

Opening with Coffee/Tea on Arrival 8-9

0800 Expo Open on Levels 3 and 4 0800 Meetups Open on Levels 2 and 4 (rooms) and Level 3 (casual) 0900 Conference Open

Conference Plenary Commencement

L3 MA 0915 Clover Moore Lord Mayor City of Sydney L3 MA 0920 Alex Greenwich NSW MP  Linkedin L3 MA 0925 Angus Armour Dept Secretary NSW Trade & Investment  Linkedin L3 MA 0930 Pitch Rush L3 MA 0935 Pete Cooper – SydStart Founder – State of the Startup Keynote LinkedIn L3 MA [...]
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Feb 24, 2014

Updated – Sydstart 2014 Agenda released – tickets now on sale

Arguably Australia’s best and largest startup event Sydstart 2014 is set for May 2nd 2014 at Sydney Entertainment Center.

Combining successful international and local entrepreneurs and investors with pitch sessions from new startups Sydstart is the best place in Australia to launch your new startup or find your next startup investment.

Sydstart Discussion Panels

Agenda and speakers are still  being finalised, you can find updates here

0800 Expo Open 0900 Conference Open –  Plenary in Auditorium –  Community Welcome and structure of the [...]
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Nov 21, 2013

Freelancer’s ASX Debut – Share Price soars 5x on a listing PE of 463 – under or overpriced?

Freelancer made its debut on the ASX last week. Initially listing at $0.50 the company’s share price skyrocketed to $2.60 and finally closed at $1.60.

Matt Barrie – Credit:

Matt Barrie, the company’s CEO and founder, had announced Freelancer’s intention to list at the Startup Spring Entrepreneurship event.

His decision to not sell the company to the Japanese recruiting firm Recruit Co. at $430 Million earlier this year may have paid off when the companies market cap rose to $697 Million on its first day of trading 5x the $218 Million that it expected to achieve with [...]

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