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Aug 21, 2014

Meet CREATE – The UNSW Club for Making Things – Sydney Maker Faire 2014

Meet the team from CREATE – The UNSW Club for Making Things.

These guys are the most entrepreneurial group of students I have met in my years of working with or attending Universities. As a group they are only about 18 months old but are growing rapidly.

Typically University students learn a particular skill set focused on their major, however the products of our new world are increasingly merging where new classes of devices require sophisticated combinations of Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design and then fabrication. Its a team game, no one discipline can hope to master all of the skills needed.

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Jul 20, 2014

Ownphones – Custom printed Bluetooth Earphones



Startup Name * OwnPhones What problem are you solving? OwnPhones (#ownphones) today went LIVE with a Kickstarter (#kickstarter) campaign ( to help complete the development of its revolutionary product – the world’s first wireless 3D printed, personalized smart earbuds (#earbuds) and an accompanying mobile app for iOS (Android to follow).The campaign, which has a funding goal of $250,000USD, features limited Early Bird specials of 50% off all sets of earbuds (regular retail prices range from $299USD to $449USD).Designed to fit perfectly and built exclusively for each individual ear, OwnPhones [...]
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Jul 14, 2014

NORMAL – 3D Printed Custom Earphones

These are cool, custom made 3D printed earphones for similar (albeit expensive) pricing to premium ear buds.

NORMAL uses an App that takes photos to determine the size and shape of your ear and then prints an ear bud that will fit you like a glove.







NORMAL is opening a factory in Manhattan where you will be able to view your earphones being made. They are setting up 3D printers, CNC machines and assembly lines to produce them on the spot.

Be interesting to see how they scale, I imagine it would difficult to trust this to overseas 3rd party manufacturing when [...]

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Aug 23, 2013

Pocketbook releases new tax summary feature, saves taxpayers 1000s of hours screwing around

Pocketbook really appears to be making massive progress, maybe the 10 or so VCs in Australia with a fund should get on board now.

Hot on the heels of their mobile app they have released a tax primer which takes data you already imported and allows you to categorise and calculates a summary of the various tax deductions you have.

10 Questions

Pocketbook Tax Screen

You add your bank accounts, answer 10 questions and then it sucks all the data out of the banks accounts and presents a confirmation screen to add expenses it identified to the tax return you can then take the summary to your [...]

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