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Nov 5, 2014

Gavin Blake is Nailing It

A thoughtful person knows that a picture tells 1000 words and a wise person knowing this chooses their pictures carefully.

This is what Gavin Blake, the subject of this weeks ‘Nailing It’ does.

Gavin is an expert at condensing ideas, systems, procedures and conversations into a graphic anyone can understand at a glance.  Check out his business .

When your job is to make audible information visual you have to have a special brain that switches between listening, digesting and depicting. It’s a skill most of us don’t have.

Too much or too little information the result is not representative of the [...]

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Sep 11, 2014

Will Davies is Nailing It

Will Davies is the subject of todays ‘Nailing It’.

He is a lot like me except for being tall, handsome, physically fit and commercially far more successful. 

That is to say, I look up to him on many fronts.

Will has been a friend since Uni days where he was already expanding his mind by heading off to the School of Philosophy before getting to the pub. Will was studying Finance and Philosophy simultaneously.

After a brief stint at Ernst and Young, Will trained for his real estate qualifications and became a mortgage broker. He built his book and had a staff of 20.  But he sold the business after [...]

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Aug 28, 2014

Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy is Nailing It

This weeks Nailing It goes to Dr Tim Sharp – Chief Happiness Officer of the Happiness Institute.

When Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy suggested we get his business and my Angel Massage business together so that all of the customers had a “genuinely happy ending”, I laughed very hard (and then promptly used the idea, we now use a “leave-behind” with some of his happiness hints after massages….).

You might expect Dr Happy to be somewhat like the Robin Williams portrayal of real life Dr Patch Adams, who makes jokes to make the sick happier in times of need.

Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy

As demonstrated by Tim’s suggestion on happy [...]

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Aug 13, 2014

Dominic Green is Nailing it

This weeks Nailing It goes to Dominic Green. I first met him through my brother (David) some 5 years ago in Dubbo (Regional NSW).

Full disclosure: I am one of Dominic’s clients, he did a lot of the work in drafting my Crowdfunding Legislation Reform submission to CAMAC.

At that stage Dominic had left the big city lights where he was a recently graduated lawyer and economist studying carbon accounting.

Dominic Green – Green & Associates

In the “bush” he was able to exercise his brain on the many evolving carbon and renewable energy projects taking place West of the great divide.

He started pioneering legal work [...]

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