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Jun 4, 2015

Lingvist – learn a language in 200 hours

Startup Name Lingvist – learn a language in 200 hoursWhat problem are you solving? Existing language learning platforms don\’t always adapt to each user. Also, very few of them get you to the same level of fluency as Lingvist.What is your solution? Lingvist helps people learn languages more quickly than any other method. We use an adaptive algorithm to make the process more effective for each individual – ensuring that anyone can learn a new language.Target Market bloggers, journalists, early adopters, tech media, teachers, learning enthusiasts, tech enthusiasts, language learnersHow will you make money? Subscriptions/AdvertisementTell us about the [...]
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May 9, 2015


Startup Name Food FinderWhat problem are you solving? Helping foodies find and share amazing restaurantsWhat is your solution? Incredible user experience and amazing restaurants curated through an online communityTarget Market FoodHow will you make money? Advertising / subscription / sponsorshipTell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? VC, Physicist and weekend Entrepreneur – I started food finder for my friends and I to share restaurant recommendations. Since then the site has grown to include hundreds of amazing restaurants. I\’m now working on the user experience and growing the foodie community.Founders Names Joe [...]
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May 9, 2015


Startup Name ViawearWhat problem are you solving? We are constantly distracted by mobile notifications, and need a contextual filter to determine what’s worth our immediate attention. We have also been deceived that wearables can’t also be something we truly desire to wear all day, every day.What is your solution? Viawear’s inaugural bracelet line, Tyia, is a trustworthy personal assistant enabling you to filter the noise and live without distraction. The Tyia app lets you filter notifications by contact, calendar, app, or even keywords and let you prioritize alerts with vibration strengths, patterns and colors. Tyia also doubles as an activity tracker, and integrates with [...]
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Apr 30, 2015


Startup Name JuntooWhat problem are you solving? Web professionals lose money by handling project feedback in the email inboxWhat is your solution? Juntoo lets web pros save time & money by letting them collect feedback from clients and project stakeholders directly on live web pages instead of through endless email loops and annotated PDFs.Target Market Web designers, web developers, project leadersHow will you make money? We will have a freemiumTell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? We\’re targeting web agencies and outsourced developers. We\’ve run our own agency and had this problem ourselves.Founders Names Erik [...]
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