Ahtesham Hashmi

Dealspotr – The web’s most advanced deal-sharing platform.

Startup Name:-  Dealspotr
Tagline:-  The web’s most advanced deal-sharing platform.
Elevator Pitch:-  Dealspotr is an open social platform connecting brands, influencers, and shoppers. Our unique technology and strong community enable us to maintain the most complete and accurate database of coupon codes in the world. Find a deal for anything, anytime.

Since late 2015, Dealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million with the most advanced real-time deal sharing platform on the internet. It is a crowdsourced platform, akin to Wikipedia, that rewards users for posting accurate deals – & we reward quicker than any other site. We are already the best coupon site online in terms of coverage and accuracy of discount codes – just check out this study: www.blog.zipfworks.com/online-coupon-code-accuracy-study/.

This summer, we will complete the launch of our Open Brand / Influencer Marketplace. This will be a social platform unlike any other, where brands and merchants of any size can browse our influencer database and collaborate with them on campaigns. Influencers large and small will also have the ability to search for brands they love, and take on mutually beneficial projects through them.
Target Market:-  Brands, influencers, and shoppers.
How will you make money?   NA
How much capital have you raised?  NA
Founder(s) Name:-  Michael Quoc
Website:- www.dealspotr.com
Twitter:-  @michaelquoc
City/Country:-  Santa Monica, CA

Evolution 2 – The most insightful habit tracking tool for motivated self-improvers.

Startup Name:-  Evolution 2
Tagline:- The most insightful habit tracking tool for motivated self-improvers.
Elevator Pitch:-  Evolution 2 (E2) is a behavior optimization tool that enables users to make significant improvements in their lives through defining, acquiring, and tracking habits using proven methods, like cognitive behavioral therapy and Seinfeld’s “Don’t break the chain.”, to provide guided diagnoses of roadblocks. Further effectiveness is enabled through data visualization tools that identify “domino habits”, optional coaching from subject matter experts, sharing among friends and colleagues for accountability, and helpful links to actionable resources.

It can be used to build habits by individuals for personal health (meditation, sleep, exercise), or productivity (focus, attention to detail, effective conversations), and by team members within an organization in order to implement daily improvement based on performance metrics and firm goals.
Target Market:-  Quantified self, self trackers, self improvement coaches
How will you make money?  We plan to offer paid premium features  How much capital have you raised? 10-50k
Founder(s) Name:-  Konrad Kopczynski
Website: http:-  www.evolution2.co
Twitter:- @evolution2app
City/Country:-  New York/USA

Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd – ROBOLAB :- “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots”

Startup Name:- Robolab Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Tagline: ROBOLAB :- “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots”
Elevator Pitch:-  Robolab is your very own, on campus, centre of Excellence in Robotics and Industrial Automation, tailor made for you. Equipped with all the advanced technologies used in industries, the Robolab offers training courses consistent with the latest curricula and the industry requirements. Thus, functioning as the perfect platform for its users (students as well as teachers) to explore, learn, build and share their ideas. We believe in providing innovative and interactive training by industry experts and deliver the same while establishing the Robolab. This empowers the trainees to manage the Robolab in future. Our planned ROI model ensures the educational as well as financial returns. Having Robolab has its own perks! We have some standard Robolab offerings and we also customize as per the needs of the institute.

*Product Features
ROBOLAB:- “A perfect platform to explore, learn and build robots”
-Advanced state of the art technical research facility within campus
-Hands on practical experience along with required theory
-Consolidation of concepts
-Industry- institute Interaction
-Standard guidelines and essentials
-Superior quality and Advanced robot study platforms
-Training by Industry Experts
-Affordable excellence with Quick Return on Investment.

Target Market:-  Educational Institutions
How will you make money? NA
How much capital have you raised? NA
Founder(s) Name:- Amol Gulhane
Website:- www.robolab.in
Twitter:- @robolabtech
City/Country:- Pune/India

Seek An Audience – Find audience development & content monetization solutions faster

Startup Name: Seek An Audience
Tagline: Find audience development & content monetization solutions faster
Elevator Pitch: Seek An Audience is a digital media/publishing community that connects editors and publishers with tech vendors for audience development and content monetization solutions through a localised and peer recommended marketplace.

Digital publishing & online media publishing professionals seek the audience of their readers to obtain their approval to inform, educate, inspire, help solve (and more) the topics they are well versed in. At Seek An Audience, we come together to solve the biggest problem facing us all every single day; balancing to create valuable content and effectively serving it to our audiences.

Many online programs or campaigns are run with the support of technology or vendors. Such campaigns need an audience to justify their reason and there is no better reason to connect professionals and vendors together through a vetted community and marketplace platform. Whether you’re professional or a vendor, Seek An Audience is here to help you connect with stories of other digital publishing efforts and solutions, so that you can more effectively grow and monetize your audiences.
Target Market: Businesses
How will you make money? NA

How much capital have you raised? None
Founder(s) Name: Vahe Arabian
Website: www.seekaudience.stateofdigitalpublishing.com
Twitter: @stateofdigitalP
City/Country: Australia

Lurento – Rent Luxury & Sports Cars Across Europe

Startup Name: Lurento
Tagline: Rent Luxury & Sports Cars
Elevator Pitch: Europe’s leading marketplace for luxury and sports car rental redefines the car rental experience for companies, clients and fast cars enthusiasts. Powered by technology, data and artificial intelligence, Lurento has lowered the entry cost into the luxury car rental market, making prestigious cars available to a wider audience. Lurento connect local car rental companies with worldwide customers.
Target Market: Worldwide
How will you make money? Marketplace fees
How much capital have you raised? 100-250k
Founder(s) Name: Mihailo Dhoric
Website: www.lurento.com
Twitter: @LurentoHQ
City/Country:  Tallinn, Estonia

FreJun Inc

Startup Name:    FreJun Inc

Tagline:   A built-in Travel assistant app to help people reach their meetings and appointments on time!
Elevator Pitch:   FreJun is an inbuilt personal assistant application that reminds the user when to leave from their current location to reach your next appointment on time (ETD Alerts) taking distance and real-time traffic into consideration.

If you are running late due to traffic, FreJun app will send your delay status alert to the event invitee that you are running a late and the appropriate time that you are going to reach.

Never keep your appointments waiting for you!
Target Market:      Traveling sales guys
How will you make money?   Monthly fee per user
How much capital have you raised?  10-50k
Founder(s) Name:   Subhash Kalluri
Website:   www.frejun.com
Twitter: @frejun_app
City/Country:  Hyderabad/India


Startup Name:      BrandBriefer
Tagline:                   Design Your Brand Share Your Vision
Elevator Pitch:     Easy & Simple to use. Brand Briefer will help you develop your brand identity quickly and then share your vision clearly.Help your creative partners understand your Brand quickly and easily. Build Passion and give everyone a voice. Enthuse and empower all stakeholders by making them part of the brand development process, irrespective of schedule or geography.

Find the right assets to build your Brand quickly and easily. Search our network of millions of images from www.DepositPhoto.com one of the biggest stock imagery suppliers.
Target Market:    Designers, Bloggers, Businesses, Creatives, Creative People
How will you make money?    SAAS and affiliate marketing
How much capital have you raised?    10-50k
Founder(s) Name:     Patrick Milenuszkin
Website:      www.brandbriefer.com
Twitter:      @brandbriefer
City/Country:     London UK

The Daily Project

Startup Name:     The Daily Project

Tagline:                    Project Management made easy!

Elevator Pitch:    

The Daily Project is a Project Management & Productivity software that makes managing your projects and organizing your todo lists very easy and intuitive. You can track your time working on specific tasks, and can manage both project-based and category-based tasks simultaneously. Projects are organized by pillars, and you will have no problem handling a lot of projects at the same time. Even with many projects, you will never lose track of what’s truly important and critical.
Target Market:       Startups, Small businesses, Freelancers
How will you make money?   Subscription based model, $2.99/month
How much capital have you raised?    50-100k
Founder(s) Name:   Christopher Dahms
Website:   www.thedailyproject.com
Twitter:  NA

City/Country:     Manila/Philippines