Inventor and Innovator Dr Amar Bose founder of Bose Corporation has died at 83

by Mike88Jul 13, 2013

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One of the most enduring product relationships I have ever had is with my Bose Studiocraft speakers. To this day I still want a set of Bose 901s.



Purchased for me for my 21st Birthday by my father, 25+ years ago (yes older than most of our readers) they are still performing fantastically and although looking a little tired they have given me 1000s of hours of pleasure.

Bose was arguably the trendsetter in the audio space but not in a brash way. You sort of got the feeling everything he made was designed for performance and acoustics and that just happened to mean it looked pretty cool.

Bose 601

bose-901-ad Bose901new Bose901


Today the founder of Bose Corporation Dr Amar Bose has passed away at 83. There are many highlights to this mans life, here are a few I found interesting;

  • Founded in 1964
  • He gave the majority of his stock in Bose to MIT
  • Despite this, he made it back on the Forbes 400 in 2011
  • Bose Corporation had a turnover of $2.28 billion last year.
  • I found 400+ patents assigned to Bose, no doubt there were 1000s over the companies history
  • Founded with $10000 from one of his fellow MIT professors
  • He was unhappy with his first product the 2201 (pictured below) which had 22 full range drivers installed in a 1/8 of a sphere.
  • He released the 901 in 1968 and produced 6 versions and it still remains in my view the Iconic Speaker and with it came the concept of Direct Reflecting Speakers, that is the speakers attempted to make the sound more natural by pointing the drivers in multiple directions





Thank you from one of your biggest fans.

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Bose Companion
Bose Companion

Bose has the best sound by far. Say what you will about bose, paper speakers, way overpriced and all, but i have had a bose system in my 1996 maxima for 17 years and it is still the best sound i have heard in a car. Well, with some products like these you have given in your post,  i think that Bose is the best option for me. I like their designs a lot. Thanks for share!