GamGage – Engagement Calculator for Instagram

Startup Name: GamGage Tagline: Engagement Calculator for Instagram Elevator Pitch: ➤ With GamGage you can calculate the real engagement with the followers of your profile or any other public profile of Instagram. Free and fast, in one step. ➤ It is very simple, just enter the username of the Instagram

Embroker – Business Insurance, Technology & Expertise

Startup Name: Embroker Tagline: Business Insurance, Technology & Expertise Elevator Pitch: Embroker helps growing businesses buy and manage insurance seamlessly. Our custom-built insurance product for venture-capital-backed tech startups, (Embroker’s Startup Program) enables companies to buy D&O insurance in less than 60 seconds. Most importantly,  the companies can buy market-leading D&O,

Perfumarie – Perfumarie Discovery Studio

Startup Name: Perfumarie Tagline: Perfumarie Discovery Studio Elevator Pitch: We are the world’s first sensory retail platform. We launch incubator and new locations. Target Market: everyone How will you make money?: Sales How much capital have you raised?: Please specify Founder(s) Name: Mindy Yang Website: Twitter: @dearperfumarie City/Country: New

PDFShift – The HTML to high-fidelity PDF conversion API.

Startup Name: PDFShift Tagline: The HTML to high-fidelity PDF conversion API. Elevator Pitch: is a high-quality, high-fidelity and powerful HTML to PDF conversion API. It provides an easy-to-learn endpoint with a complete set of functionalities, package for many languages (Node, Python, and PHP) to simplify your work and get

Colorffy – Resources and Tools for designers and developers

Startup Name: Colorffy Tagline: Resources and Tools for designers and developers Elevator Pitch: It’s a design website, where you can search for color gradients and palettes, get color codes like hex, RGB, HSL and CMYK, and more tools. Target Market: Design, web development, web design How will you make money?:

V LOCATORS – Helping people find people

Startup Name: V LOCATORS Tagline: Helping people find people Elevator Pitch: • The problem we’re solving Have you ever known someone that had a missing person or child in his or her life? It’s more than imaginable trauma for parents of missing child its, an emotion which deprives you of

overseepos – The Next Generation Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software

Startup Name: overseepos Tagline: The Next Generation Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software Elevator Pitch: overseepois billing software for retail shops. Most importantly, it is available at an affordable price. Target Market: Retail shops How will you make money?: By selling software How much capital have you raised?: None Founder(s) Name:

PIXEOM – Leading Edge Computing

Startup Name: PIXEOM Tagline: Leading Edge Computing Elevator Pitch: Pixeom is redefining how enterprises manage hybrid cloud resources with its edge computing enterprise software that recreates and orchestrates cloud functionality on-premise. Most importantly, it makes easy to deploy and manage large-scale, geographically distributed infrastructure and workloads. You will get a

Tokcha – Talk with real people like you

Startup Name: Tokcha Tagline: Talk with real people like you Elevator Pitch: We help people discuss anything securely and it is publicly or anonymously. The world where everyone is digitally connected through social networks has become a lonely place where real communication is a luxury. Target Market: Lonely people How

Userlane – The Navigation System for Software

Startup Name: Userlane Tagline: The Navigation System for Software Elevator Pitch: We provide a navigation system for software. It allows anybody to operate any application instantly without any previous knowledge, training, or tutorials. Target Market: a) Mid-sized/Large SaaS companies that need to automate and optimize their user onboarding process b)

HashBazaar – Cloud mining company

Startup Name: HashBazaar Tagline: Cloud mining company Elevator Pitch: Our vision is encouraging others to join the future of cryptocurrency transaction system and also gain profit from their investment in bitcoin mining. It is a Cryptocurrency cloud mining service that enables you to become a miner in our mining farms

Randoku – Your Bookmark Manager

Startup Name: Randoku Tagline: Your Bookmark Manager Elevator Pitch: Randoku is a Bookmark Manager. It allows you to collect and curate your online findings. More importantly, you can save bookmarks to articles, tutorials, videos or anything interesting you find online in your Randoku account privately and you can organize your bookmarks

Threelly – AI Powered Video Insights

Startup Name: Threelly Tagline: AI Powered Video Insights Elevator Pitch: Threelly AI unlocks 80% of insights in videos that often go unnoticed like – topics, scenes, people, sentiments, brands, expressions, labels, Visual text (OCR), known graphics & logos and much more. Allowing you and your user base to rapidly gain

DataMammoth – B2B Contact Lists and Sales Intelligence Database

Startup Name: DataMammoth Tagline: B2B Contact Lists and Sales Intelligence Database Elevator Pitch: DataMammoth is the trusted B2B sales intelligence platform that helps you drive growth. Our service enables sales reps, marketers and recruiters reach people they need, fast. Access millions of verified emails and phone numbers of the best

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