Hygger – Project Management Software and Tool for Companies

Startup Name: Hygger Tagline: Project Management Software and Tool for Companies Elevator Pitch: Use Hygger to define what’s important for your customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban. Besides that, Hygger helps agile companies to: • manage backlog and prioritize ideas, features and projects to make better product

Analyzo – Find and Compare the best tools for your business

Startup Name: Analyzo Tagline: Find and Compare the best tools for your business Elevator Pitch: Analyzo lets you find and compare the best software and services for your business. Most importantly, Analyzo covers over 3 thousand products over 300 different software categories backed by its proprietary research. Target Market: SaaS,

VIPhawk – Find out when VIPs like Journalists, Investors, and Celebrities sign up for your product

Startup Name: VIPhawk Tagline: Find out when VIPs like Journalists, Investors, and Celebrities sign up for your product. Elevator Pitch: You’re getting tons of signups every day, but would you know if a major investor, journalist, or celebrity was one of them? Or if one of your competitors started snooping

YouBlocker – Ad Blocker For YouTube

Startup Name: YouBlocker Tagline: Ad Blocker For YouTube Elevator Pitch: YouBlocker is virtually YouTube without advertisements. In a noisy advertisement environment, YouBlocker is a solution for those looking to minimize the amount of ads on YouTube’s video streaming platform. No more 15 second non-skip ads! You might be thinking, “Why

Dittach – Manage your email storage

Startup Name: Dittach Tagline: Manage your email storage Elevator Pitch: A Microsoft study finds that the average email user spends 3.5 hrs/wk managing attachments. Most importantly, Dittach gives you that time back. We array every attachment you’ve ever sent or received in an elegant searchable/browsable sidebar in your Gmail inbox.

Cloohawk – Intelligent Assistant to Supercharge Your Social Media Reach

Startup Name: Cloohawk Tagline: Intelligent Assistant to Supercharge Your Social Media Reach Elevator Pitch: Cloohawk is your intelligent social media assistant. Besides that it analyses social media, and identifies tasks to engage with your target audience, influencers and leads. Do these tasks daily and supercharge your social media reach by

Commit – Track & Achieve

Startup Name: Commit Tagline: Track & Achieve Elevator Pitch: Commit is a mobile iOS app that will help you achieve your goals – no matter how big or small, crazy or simple. Most importantly, we motivate users to achieve their goals by providing a unique environment that utilizes two of

Arara – The battery-free wheel-mounted lights

Startup Name: Arara Tagline: The battery-free wheel-mounted lights Elevator Pitch: Arara is the bicycle lighting system that will never need a battery. The wheel-mounted lights are powered by strong neodymium magnets. When a bike’s wheel starts to spin, the lights move past the magnets and the generated electric energy is

Affise – Performance Marketing Solution

Startup Name: Affise Tagline: Performance Marketing Solution Elevator Pitch: Affise is a performance marketing solution designed to create, kickstart and manage your own CPA/CPI networks in the most efficient way ever. Besides that, Affise helps you to streamline the processes and routines, as well as bring down your expenses to

ScrumGenius – Automate team status meetings

Startup Name: ScrumGenius Tagline: Automate team status meetings Elevator Pitch: ScurmGenuis pings your team members to send a status update of what they’re up to. Most importantly, it question them in case of any blockers. Team members complete their report & web and get the detailed formatted report. Besides that it

Sendtask – A smart task manager built for easy collaboration

Startup Name: Sendtask Tagline: A smart task manager built for easy collaboration Elevator Pitch: Sendtask is the easiest way to collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one place. Most importantly, it works even if they don’t have an account. Target Market: Marketing Agencies, Business Consultants, Small and Medium

eTeki – eTeki – Technical Screening for Quality IT Hires

Startup Name: eTeki Tagline: eTeki – Technical Screening for Quality IT Hires Elevator Pitch: eTeki conducts employee interviews for tech jobs can be a huge challenge. You need to know that the applicant you’re hiring has the necessary experience and skills. Most importantly, the online tests are not always reliable

RedTrack.io – Affiliate & Performance Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Startup Name: RedTrack.io Tagline: Affiliate & Performance Campaign Tracking and Analysis Elevator Pitch: Red Track is advanced affiliate marketing tracking & analytics platform, helping affiliates and media buying teams around the world get higher ROI. Target Market: For Advertisers, Affiliate & Performance Marketers How will you make money? Monthly subscription plans How

Back4app Parse Hosting Platform – Parse Server made simple

Startup Name: Back4app Parse Hosting Platform Tagline: Parse Server made simple Elevator Pitch: Back4app is a backend as a service platform and we help developers to build, host and scale apps. Most importantly, it is the largest cloud Parse service in the world, hosting over a 30k deployments on AWS