Yazira – Smart time-tracking, task-management and performance-management solution

Startup Name: Yazira Tagline: Smart time-tracking, task-management and performance-management solution Elevator Pitch: Smart time-tracking, task-management and performance-management solution for businesses. Target Market: Cloud Computing, Human Resources, Productivity Tools, Project Management, SaaS, Task Management How will you make money?: Monthly subscription plans How much capital have you raised? 10-50k Founder(s) Name:

Imgtranslate – Convert images across languages

Startup Name: Imgtranslate Tagline: Convert images across languages Elevator Pitch: Imgtranslate lets you translate image text from one language to another. In 30 seconds, without any design expertise or image editing tools. It can help Individuals, Designers, Advertising agencies or Localisation service providers to create images/ads in one language and

Voonote – Visitor Registration, Management & Feedback System

Startup Name: Voonote Tagline: Digital Valet Parking System Elevator Pitch: Voonote is a cloud-based visitor management system that aids in digitally managing visitor check ins at Corporates, Retail, Valet Parking Areas and several service area domains. Most importantly, it allows you to keep a track of every visit and understand

Tip Hero – Betting app free typing anytime

Startup Name: Tip Hero Tagline: Betting app free typing anytime Elevator Pitch: Tip Hero allows betting without any costs. Instead of wager, users have to watch an ad and can win 100€ or non-cash prizes from our advertising partners. Target Market: young men between 15 and 25 How will you

Cinema8 – Interactive Video Technology

Startup Name: Cinema8 Tagline: Interactive Video Technology Elevator Pitch: Catch your audience’s where they are and make them a part of the story. Most importantly, it allows to easily and quickly create engaging, interactive video experience by using Cinema8 Creative Studio. Include quizzes, information form, audio feedbacks and more… Use

Spike Native Network – Content marketing amplification

Startup Name: Spike Native Network Tagline: Content marketing amplification Elevator Pitch: Spike Native Network is a platform that helps companies generate leads and customers by presenting their articles on premium media brands and distribution channels with over 1M visitors per day. Most companies struggle with targeting the right audience and

Funnel CRM – Easy to Use CRM for Growing Businesses

Startup Name: Funnel CRM Tagline: Easy to Use CRM for Growing Businesses Elevator Pitch: Funnel CRM is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based sales CRM solution. Most importantly, it helps growing businesses, agencies, and freelancers sell smarter and faster without having to work too much. Target Market: Freelancers and Small businesses

Gainbuzz Inc – Advertising Made Easy

Startup Name: Gainbuzz Inc Tagline: Advertising Made Easy Elevator Pitch: Whether you want to create a buzz, reach a mass audience or direct locals to your front door, Gainbuzz is the smarter way to advertise for the brands. Most importantly, it provides a common online platform for businesses to contact

La Manguste – Managed Web and Mobile Application Security Solution

Startup Name: La Manguste Tagline: Managed Web and Mobile Application Security Solution Elevator Pitch: While internet threat landscape is expanding at a pace never seen before, handling application security is being the biggest challenge for the startups having high exposure on their web or mobile applications. While enterprises are able

Fin.do – Card to card online money transfers

Startup Name: Fin.do Tagline: Card to card online money transfers Elevator Pitch: Fin.do is a card to card system for instant card to card money transfers in any currency. More importantly, it does not include bank’s high fees and exchange rates. With Fin.do the payments are affected instantly between two

snazzyDocs – Documentation Publishing & Hosting

Startup Name: snazzyDocs Tagline: Documentation Publishing & Hosting Elevator Pitch: snazzyDocs is documentation publishing and hosting service for your products and SaaS apps. Besides that, it is ideal for smaller teams, you can be up and running in seconds without any previous technical knowledge. Target Market: SaaS developers and single

PASAJ POS – An advanced point of sale

Startup Name: PASAJ POS Tagline: An advanced point of sale Elevator Pitch: PASAJ Point of Sale is an advanced POS solution designed to minimize your costs of integration and operation by seamlessly integrating with any hardware and software using its advanced connectors, and by automating any process possible. Most importantly,

Instadeq – Data analysis and visualization for everyone

Startup Name: Instadeq Tagline: Data analysis and visualization for everyone Elevator Pitch: Instadeq allows anyone to create real-time interactive visualizations that can be displayed on any device, consuming data from a wide range of sources without requiring coding skills. Besides that, it allows you to analyze data from Microsoft Excel,

Salon Blocs – Simple & Free Salon and Spa Membership Software

Startup Name: Salon Blocs Tagline: Salon Blocs – Simple & Free Salon and Spa Membership Software Elevator Pitch: Salon Blocs is a salon membership software that is designed to provide, a very simple way to setup and manage, membership plans in any salon. Whether it’s a hair, nail or all