Pitch your Startup

Data Suisse AG – Optimize your corporate data assets for the right decision making

Startup Name: Data Suisse AG Tagline: Optimize your corporate data assets for the right decision making Elevator Pitch: Data Suisse Ag helps our clients with the classification of a huge amount of customer data. We believe that, where there is quality data, there is growth. More importantly,  we help our

Teamgate – Sales CRM software to power your growth

Startup Name: Teamgate Tagline: Sales CRM software to power your growth Elevator Pitch: Teamgate is a full process Sales CRM simply and smartly designed to strengthen your entire sales experience. Besides that, its award-winning web-based software better manages your sales teams through every step of the sales process; ensuring no

Our News Pieces – DIY E-Newspaper

Startup Name: Our News Pieces Tagline: DIY E-Newspaper Elevator Pitch: DIY Media Platforms Target Market: News lovers How will you make money?: Advertisement Slots, Sponsorship and Donations How much capital have you raised? None Founder(s) Name: Pieces Media Developers Website: https://www.ournewspieces.com Twitter: @ournewspieces City/Country: USA

Mokup Frames – Create dribbble-ready Gifs in one click

Startup Name: Mokup Frames Tagline: Create dribbble-ready Gifs and Movies in one click Elevator Pitch: Create amazing Dribbble-ready GIFs, Images or Videos in a few simple clicks. Showcase your designs on a screen of real devices: iPhones, Androids or laptops. Create amazing screenshots and videos for AppStore and Google Play.

Reviewgrower – Automated review follow-ups for your business

Startup Name: Reviewgrower Tagline: Automated review follow-ups for your business Elevator Pitch: Automated review follow-ups for online and offline businesses to build customer trust and increase search engine ranking. Most importantly, it takes care of filtering and removing any duplicate contacts. Target Market: Online and offline businesses How will you

Cachengo – Smart storage that is just smarter

Startup Name: Cachengo Tagline: Smart storage that is just smarter Elevator Pitch: We make storage that is well-suited for data analytics and edge computing demands. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and edge computing all require storage. While others move the data to the computing, we drove the computing to where the

Keyn – Log in without passwords

Startup Name: Keyn Tagline: Log in without passwords Elevator Pitch: Keyn is the solution to one of the most urgent cybersecurity problems in the world today: weak passwords. In order to be secure, you must use long, complex and unique passwords for all your accounts. But how can you remember

Waitron.Menu – Simple and easy-to-use online menu maker

Startup Name: Waitron.Menu Tagline: Simple and easy-to-use online menu maker Elevator Pitch: Creating a stunning menu for a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop has never been easier. Waitron.Menu provides beautiful and professional menu templates that allow designing easily like a Pro. Most importantly, the platform has a large photo gallery,

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