Pitch your Startup

Squiqr – Sharing Contact info just got a lot more fun

Startup Name: Squiqr Tagline: Sharing Contact info just got a lot more fun Elevator Pitch: Sharing your contact info with someone you first meet has never been easier or slicker. No more typing, no awkward waiting and no more worries of misspelling names or entering incorrect phone numbers. A swift

Pixelixe – Create, edit beautiful and unique graphics

Startup Name: Pixelixe Tagline: Create, edit beautiful and unique graphics Elevator Pitch: Pixelixe Studio offers the perfect image creation tool to help marketers, bloggers and small businesses worldwide to promote their products and services on all digital platforms. Users with no design skill can easily design engaging graphics and images.

CrowdQuestion – Connecting Crowds Through Q&A The Right Way To Bring Everyone Closer To Their Community

Startup Name: CrowdQuestion Tagline: Connecting Crowds Through Q&A The Right Way To Bring Everyone Closer To Their Community Elevator Pitch: Answering questions asked by fans is something that has been proven in talk-radio, on television, on podcasts, at conventions and conferences, as well as for anyone with a following but

PhishFeed – Real-Time Phishing Intel Simplified

Startup Name: PhishFeed Tagline: Real-Time Phishing Intel Simplified Elevator Pitch: The PhishFeed API puts attack details right at your fingertips, making it easier to identify threats and enabling faster brand protection. Target Market: Threat Intelligence Companies How will you make money?: Monthly and Yearly Subscription How much capital have you

Indicative – Customer analytics, free from limits

Startup Name: Indicative Tagline: Customer analytics, free from limits Elevator Pitch: Marketers, product managers, and business analysts use Indicative to optimize customer conversion, engagement, and retention. Indicative connects to all your customer touchpoints, synthesizes them into a complete view of behavior, and gives you the actionable insights you need to grow

Listhour – Get Your Startup Listed on 100+ Startup Directories

Startup Name: Listhour Tagline: Get Your Startup Listed on 100+ Startup Directories Elevator Pitch: Listhour manually submits your startup on 100 startup directories. It also follows up with the startup directories 2 weeks after the submissions to improve the approval rate. Startup directories help in creating a credible online presence,

Zigpoll – Customer Polling & Feedback Platform

Startup Name: Zigpoll Tagline: Customer Polling & Feedback Platform Elevator Pitch: Zigpoll is an embeddable polling widget that can live on any page within your website. More importantly, it lets you easily collect feedback, emails, and sentiment from your visitors so you can make better business decisions. Target Market: E-commerce

PixTeller – Free Photo & Animation Maker

Startup Name: PixTeller Tagline: Free Photo & Animation Maker Elevator Pitch: PixTeller is easy-to-use Design & Animation Tool. Because video has become the top of the virtual food chain, especially on social media where a video is 6x more likely to liked, shared, retweeted than a photo. Most importantly, we

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