Pitch your Startup

snazzyDocs – Documentation Publishing & Hosting

Startup Name: snazzyDocs Tagline: Documentation Publishing & Hosting Elevator Pitch: snazzyDocs is documentation publishing and hosting service for your products and SaaS apps. Besides that, it is ideal for smaller teams, you can be up and running in seconds without any previous technical knowledge. Target Market: SaaS developers and single

PASAJ POS – An advanced point of sale

Startup Name: PASAJ POS Tagline: An advanced point of sale Elevator Pitch: PASAJ Point of Sale is an advanced POS solution designed to minimize your costs of integration and operation by seamlessly integrating with any hardware and software using its advanced connectors, and by automating any process possible. Most importantly,

Instadeq – Data analysis and visualization for everyone

Startup Name: Instadeq Tagline: Data analysis and visualization for everyone Elevator Pitch: Instadeq allows anyone to create real-time interactive visualizations that can be displayed on any device, consuming data from a wide range of sources without requiring coding skills. Besides that, it allows you to analyze data from Microsoft Excel,

Salon Blocs – Simple & Free Salon and Spa Membership Software

Startup Name: Salon Blocs Tagline: Salon Blocs – Simple & Free Salon and Spa Membership Software Elevator Pitch: Salon Blocs is a salon membership software that is designed to provide, a very simple way to setup and manage, membership plans in any salon. Whether it’s a hair, nail or all

Chain of Trust Technologies – We Do Ops

Startup Name: Chain of Trust Technologies Tagline: We Do Ops Elevator Pitch: Chain of Trust Technologies (CoTT) solves organizational infrastructure challenges in operations, automation, multi-cloud orchestration, security, and development. Besides that, it primarily offers the Iron Ops Platform. Iron is one tool for all of your Ops tasks. Built on

Smart 1 Leads – Get your business on the map with Smart 1 & Waze!

Startup Name: Smart 1 Leads Tagline: Get your business on the map with Smart 1 & Waze! Elevator Pitch: Smart 1 Leads is an AI-powered tool to personalize communication with your clients and assists you to convert                           them

Wowslides – Share, Discover and Learn with Wowslides

Startup Name: Wowslides Tagline: Share, Discover and Learn with Wowslides Elevator Pitch: Wowslides is an online free PowerPoint converter and slide sharing platform. It allows you to easily convert your PowerPoint presentation to web content with all the features such as animations, transition effects, triggers, embedded video and audio, tables,

Eagle – Organising your digital assets

Startup Name: Eagle Tagline: Organising your digital assets Elevator Pitch: Eagle helps you manage pictures, screenshots, and designs that make your lightbulb shine. Eagle is an application made for designers to manage their inspirations and the many images they usually keep, its just like a image version of Evernote! Besides that,