Mike Nicholls Australian Inventor + Entrepreneur working with a small team of engineers building prototypes from Inventions including two medical devices. Publishes Startup88.com and has assessed/reviewed +500 inventions and +200 startups in the last 3 years. Mentors Sydney Startups via Incubate and other incubators and helps members of the Australian Startup Community via the Startup88.com website with free publicity and advertising. Experience in numerous industries including Digital Publishing, Cloud Computing, Apps, Hardware, Aviation, Real Estate & Finance and Health/Medical Devices.

Nola Labs – XOplanets NFT Collection

Startup Name: Nola Labs

Tagline: XOplanets NFT Collection

Elevator Pitch: Nola Labs LLC, a creative enterprise for out-of-this-world works of art and other innovations, has launched a collection of XOplanet NFTs that correlate to exoplanet metadata from NASA. A breathtakingly beautiful art-in-motion collection of 5,000 XOplanets, each representing a confirmed exoplanet, will be on sale starting September 28th .

Target Market: People interested in the potential of crypto, blockchain and NFT investments (English-speaking audiences)

How will you make money? Increased sales

How much capital have you raised? None

Founder(s) Name: Robbie Gring

Website: https://xoplanets.xyz/

Twitter: @xoplanets

City/Country: Miami, Florida USA

Web3 Antivirus – AI & human powered extension for safety in Web3

Startup Name: Web3 Antivirus

Tagline: AI & human powered extension for safety in Web3

Elevator Pitch: Web3 Antivirus (W3A) is a free Chrome extension designed specifically to protect users from scams and help them safely browse and transact in Web3. Powered by proprietary security audit frameworks, the plugin protects users from signing dangerous transactions and dealing with suspicious assets. It shows an overview of potential red flags and technical risks users will encounter if they proceed with the transaction, which leaves fraudsters no chance of getting their scams across.

Target Market: web3 users

How will you make money?: premium version

How much capital have you raised?: 10-50k

Founder(s) Name: Alex Dulub

Website: https://w3a.tech

Twitter: @web3_antivirus

City/Country: Portugal/Lisbon

SiteGuru – Check your website for SEO & usability Issues

Startup Name: SiteGuru

Tagline: Check your website for SEO & usability Issues

Elevator Pitch: SiteGuru crawls your website and checks every page for issues. We look for broken links, slow pages, suboptimal meta tags, invalid HTML and much more.

This results in an actionable report that helps you improve your website in just a few minutes.

Besides that, weekly reports help you stay on top of your content. The result: happier users, and more SEO traffic.

Target Market: SEO specialists, Content marketers

How will you make money? Paid subscriptions

How much capital have you raised? 10-50k

Founder(s) Name: Rick van Haasteren

Website: https://www.siteguru.co

Twitter: @siteguruco

City/Country: Netherlands

Product HQ – Customer Driven Product Roadmap Software

Startup Name: Product HQ
Tagline: Customer Driven Product Roadmap Software
Elevator Pitch: Product HQ provides a unified solution for product managers to collect ideas from customers and team members, use data to prioritize those ideas and promote the best into features for the product.

Once a feature, product managers can then use a different set of objectives to prioritize features into those that will make the most impact for their business and promote the best features on to the product roadmap.
Target Market: Tech Startups, Small business owners, Founders
How will you make money? Product HQ offers a freemium and will charge for additional user license and feedback collection widgets.
How much capital have you raised? None
Founder(s) Name: David Zimmerman
Website: http://producthq.io
Twitter: @producthq_io
City/Country: Charlotte, NC, USA

Blended Admin – Software Development, Data Administration, Databases

Startup Name: Blended Admin
Tagline: Software Development, Data Administration, Databases
Elevator Pitch: Hey, I’m a software developer and I don’t like to waste time on repetitive tasks,
so I created Blended Admin.
Blended Admin creates an admin panel for your applications in an easy and fast
way, allowing you to fully focus on your customers’ needs.

Target Market: Anyone who creates a software.
How will you make money? The unique combination of the benefits of an “out of the box” application and the
flexibility of programming.

How much capital have you raised? 10-50k
Founder(s) Name:
Website: http://blendedadmin.com/
Twitter: @blendedadmin
City/Country: london

Snappykit – Snappykit is a new way of creating websites for mobile apps.

Startup Name: Snappykit
Tagline: Snappykit is a new way of creating websites for mobile apps.
Elevator Pitch: Amazing website proves your app’s legitimacy, increases conversion rate and connects users to an app in general. Therefore, it’s an important marketing element to take into consideration.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique service enabling mobile developers to create stunning, highly-functional, responsive app websites in minutes.
Target Market: mobile apps
How will you make money? subscription
How much capital have you raised? None
Founder(s) Name: Denis
Website: https://snappykit.com
Twitter: @snappykit
City/Country: Moscow, Russia

Kookaborrow – Share and Hire in your Local Area

Startup Name: Kookaborrow

Ed: As with most of these peer to peer businesses, building the app is the easy bit, actually getting enough people to download it, use it and actually complete a transaction is the challenge. Most successful new marketplaces (and therefore the only ones you hear about) in recent history have resorted to all manner of nefarious behaviour including faking users and inventory and comments/posts, manually processing transactions and using other more successful sites to poach users. I make no judgement on this except to say that they survived and most others didn’t.
What is it? A mobile application connecting users looking for a items in their local area with users who are willing to hire the item at a price they set.

Find everything from cars to electronics and tools. With new users and products available everyday.
All payments are processed through the app via stripe.

Target Market: Male and female aged 18-46

How will you make money? Kookaborrow will take a 5% transaction fee through the rental process.
Capital Raised? 50-100k
CEO: Steven Cluney

Website: http://www.kookaborrow.com.au

Basin Commerce – Modernizing the Bulk Commodity Supply Chain

Startup Name: Basin Commerce

Most people forget that Industrial England was built on a network of canals with tow paths before the advent of steam, parts of the UK still have extensive canals but I had never realised the USA has a huge network of 25,000 miles of navigable waterways all over the country and Basin Commerce is planning make them more efficient.

Tagline: Modernizing the Bulk Commodity Supply Chain
We are building an on-line market for the sourcing and buying of logistics services in the bulk freight industry. Think of Expedia or Travelocity for your travel bookings, but for of bulk materials. The market currently operates as it has for over 50 years.

We are focused initially on inland waterway system and will give shippers the ability to source service providers in trucking, trans-loading and barging.

How will you make money? We take a 2.9% transaction fee for services booked on the marketplace.
Capital Raised: 50-100k
CEO: Tom Venable
Twitter: @tvcommerce
Website: http://www.basincommerce.com
Target Market: Shippers of bulk freight and commodities. Providers of transportation services such as barge operators, river terminals and trucking firms.