GamGage – Engagement Calculator for Instagram

Startup Name: GamGage

Tagline: Engagement Calculator for Instagram

Elevator Pitch: ➤ With GamGage you can calculate the real engagement with the followers of your profile or any other public profile of Instagram. Free and fast, in one step.

➤ It is very simple, just enter the username of the Instagram you want to analyze, press the “Calculate” button and at the moment you will see the data of that profile: the averages of likes and comments it has in its last posts, the value of the engagement calculated, etc.
That’s it!

You can also use the extra functionalities to save a history of calculated engagements for each profile and track and analyze followers on Instagram.

➤ Nowadays to get followers in Instagram free is easy, even if they are false and only serve as ego metrics, but what is really valuable is to have an active community that participates and interacts with the publications of our profile, either giving likes or leaving comments.

That’s why this app is born, to have a quick and simple way to measure that “commitment” that gets an Instagram profile with its followers, that calculates if the publications really receive an interesting interaction ratio from its followers.

The value of engagement is important to use as a metric with which you can compare similar profiles or at least within the same sector because the objectives that these profiles have will be similar.

Target Market: marketers, digital marketers, Instagram marketers

How will you make money?:

How much capital have you raised?: NA

Founder(s) Name: Rubén Alonso


Twitter: @rubenalonsoes

City/Country: Guadalajara, Spain

Embroker – Business Insurance, Technology & Expertise

Startup Name: Embroker

Tagline: Business Insurance, Technology & Expertise

Elevator Pitch: Embroker helps growing businesses buy and manage insurance seamlessly. Our custom-built insurance product for venture-capital-backed tech startups, (Embroker’s Startup Program) enables companies to buy D&O insurance in less than 60 seconds.

Most importantly,  the companies can buy market-leading D&O, EPLI, and fiduciary liability coverage in minutes online; skipping the days, if not weeks, of back and forth it takes to purchase similar coverage through traditional brokerages.

Target Market: VC-backed startups

How will you make money?: Selling insurance

How much capital have you raised?: NA

Founder(s) Name: Matt Miller


Twitter: @Embroker

City/Country: San Francisco, USA

PDFShift – The HTML to high-fidelity PDF conversion API.

Startup Name: PDFShift

Tagline: The HTML to high-fidelity PDF conversion API.

Elevator Pitch: is a high-quality, high-fidelity and powerful HTML to PDF conversion API.

It provides an easy-to-learn endpoint with a complete set of functionalities, package for many languages (Node, Python, and PHP) to simplify your work and get you started in under a minute.

Target Market: Developers

How will you make money?: Monthly Subscription

How much capital have you raised?: NA

Founder(s) Name: Cyril Nicodeme


Twitter: @pdfshift

City/Country: Belfort, France

Colorffy – Resources and Tools for designers and developers

Startup Name: Colorffy

Tagline: Resources and Tools for designers and developers

Elevator Pitch: It’s a design website, where you can search for color gradients and palettes, get color codes like hex, RGB, HSL and CMYK, and more tools.

Target Market: Design, web development, web design

How will you make money?: With a freemium

How much capital have you raised? None

Founder(s) Name: Giancarlos Garza


Twitter: @giancarlosgza

City/Country: Monterrey, Mexico

V LOCATORS – Helping people find people

Startup Name: V LOCATORS

Tagline: Helping people find people

Elevator Pitch:
• The problem we’re solving
Have you ever known someone that had a missing person or child in his or her life? It’s more than imaginable trauma for parents of missing child its, an emotion which deprives you of sleep, creates depression and 10 tons of grief. We’re helping people find the missing and wanted in their lives by using a proprietary marketing method that promotes the story that enriches the life story and more than highlights the circumstance. We create a targeted customer base by developing Emotional Search Patterns that is a proprietary method of marketing with proof that it works.
• Business model
Business Model is simple and straightforward. We help people find the missing or wanted in their lives by showing them a new and exciting way that is more sensitive to their emotional needs by finding those important to them. We help our customer and their sponsors by the development of our way which is less expensive and more effective than buying 500 colored posters that have a short lifespan.
V Locators activity is based on a strategy that capitalizes on using the emotional side of the brain in one’s internet search or interest. We create patterns that match or link with the interest of the person search. No other firm has the ability or knows how it’s done or created.
Simple Explanation: Secret Sauce.
• The focus of this company is on those that are missing or wanted in people’s lives.
 The company is using an unconventional and proprietary marketing method that opens the emotional door.
 It’s a combination of analytics, SEO, Keyword and Social Media. Then an actual emotional search pattern is developed or created and we’re the only ones that have it.
 Then tagged on actual emotional search pattern is developed.
 Other packages will be offered that include DNA, Facial Recognition, Aging,
 This allows it to capitalize on the characteristics of emotional search patterns.
• Remember 90% of decisions we make use the emotional part of our brain
• Product roadmap & timeline
o We’ve created a public beta website that has proven the success of the hypothesis and of our projections. Once properly funded we’ll start generating revenue after 6-9 months and healthy revenue growth after 12-18 months
• Size of the market we’re addressing
o Our initial market share will be less than 1% but will generate $1 Million plus per month after the first year to 18 months of operation proper funding.

• Competitive landscape
• Our competitors are 85% charitable, 1% legal industry, and 13% background checking firms that purchase 90% of paid keywords.
• Team Overview
o The team has been 100% onboard with stock issued to them which has a par value of $1.00 per share. It has been almost 5 years but 50% of the team is still on board and ready to go full steam ahead. The team is fully aware that positions changes are subject needs and betterment of the company. This is one of the reasons that initial compensation is in the form of common stock.
• Our accomplishment
If you look at us through the eyes of ranking services like, Smelt and several others, you’ll note we have ranking numbers that are excessive for a startup with no more than a beta site. The results will show you that we outrank 90% of our competitors.

Target Market: Friends, family and law enforcement for the missing

How will you make money?:

How much capital have you raised?: NA

Founder(s) Name: ED BURNS SR


Twitter: @edwburns

City/Country: Fairfield, USA

overseepos – The Next Generation Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software

Startup Name: overseepos

Tagline: The Next Generation Cloud-Based Point Of Sale Software

Elevator Pitch: overseepois billing software for retail shops.

Most importantly, it is available at an affordable price.

Target Market: Retail shops

How will you make money?: By selling software

How much capital have you raised?: None

Founder(s) Name: NA


Twitter: NA

City/Country: Chennai, India

PIXEOM – Leading Edge Computing

Startup Name: PIXEOM

Tagline: Leading Edge Computing

Elevator Pitch: Pixeom is redefining how enterprises manage hybrid cloud resources with its edge computing enterprise software that recreates and orchestrates cloud functionality on-premise.

Most importantly, it makes easy to deploy and manage large-scale, geographically distributed infrastructure and workloads. You will get a perfect Edge cloud computing solution for your industry

The Pixeom platform delivers all the power of the cloud with the responsiveness of on-premise infrastructure.

Target Market: Enterprises looking to extend cloud resources

How will you make money?: NA

How much capital have you raised?: NA

Founder(s) Name: SAM NAGAR


Twitter: @Pixeom

City/Country: Santa Clara, USA