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Startup Name Jurni
What problem are you solving? Jurni is a video journaling platform focused on emotions and experiences. With Jurni, users can record a 45 second Jurni and associate an emotion and topic to that experience so that the user can connect visually to other people in the world going through similar emotions and experiences. Jurni is topical, authentic, emotional, and focused. Jurni fulfills the true purpose of social networking.
What is your solution? Jurni is a new and unique video sharing application where users share their experiences via video. Jurni users capture moments that matter while allowing greater connectivity with people who are going through similar experiences and emotions.With Jurni, you can:

• Record up to a 45 second Jurni

• Create and maintain a public or private video journal of your life story

• Search for Jurnies all over the world via people, topics, and emotions

• Follow all of another user\’s topics or only follow the topics that interest you most

• Browse through the public and following feed

• Have real life conversations through video comments

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? EDREECE ARGHANDIWAL, CEO
BIO: Entrepreneur and creator blending technology with imagination.
Dynamic pro with an eye for design. MBA, Babson College
JURNI will enable the world to understand and embrace the experiences
that make each individual unique.VIVEK GANESAN, CTO
BIO: Accomplished big data architect and data scientist with proven
expertise in building scalable big data solutions and high performance
analytics systems. MS, Santa Clara University (Applied Mathematics).
JURNI TO VIVEK: Liberation
JURNI captures our life experiences allowing us to express emotions
instantly and in turn, empathize with all humanity.

BIO: Research and Development consultant with 20+ years experience on
high-level projects; strategic management overview of team policies,
objectives and initiatives. MS, New England College (Sustainability
JURNI is a place where our struggles, hopes, desires, shortcomings and
sorrows contribute to our collective growth and success.

BIO: Admitted to the California Bar in 1991; maintained a varied private
practice and contributes in a variety of ways beyond legal documentation
through expert use of language and wise counsel. JD, University of San
Francisco (Law).
JURNI TO BROCK: Communication
JURNI is an instrument for people to more effectively express themselves.

BIO: Seasoned banking professional with over 30 years of experience
working for Bank of the West.
JURNI TO JO: Reflection
JURNI captures the importance of our yesterdays, so that we can have more
meaningful tomorrows.

Founders Names Edreece Arghandiwal
Founders Email NA
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Website www.jurni.me
Twitter Handle @Jurniinc
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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