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Startup Name Fit Gurus
What problem are you solving? This is proper training. No robots, no automated routines, no \’make up your own\’ workouts (they don\’t work!). Everything is backed by real life experience from experts in the fitness industry. We remove all doubt that what you do in the gym will work. If you put the effort in we guarantee the results you want.

Traditional 3 sets of 10 training gets monotonous, and that\’s why people fall off the wagon with their training. When you push your body past it\’s limits, and keep challenging yourself to hit new personal records, that\’s when you\’ll keep coming back for more.

What is your solution? We have the toughest gym workouts you\’ll find anywhere! The Fit Gurus app is for those who are tired of easy workouts and quick routines that promise the earth and fail to deliver results. You can choose workouts based on muscle groups or goals. Our Team is always on live chat to answer any fitness related questions. To keep your training fresh, new workouts from top Fit Gurus trainers and athletes are released weekly.We\’re for those who who want to challenge themselves and will strive to succeed whatever it takes. We guarantee you\’ll finish each session sweating, hurting, but hungry to come back for more. This app is for proper training not 7 minute workout time wasters.

Our training is broken down into Muscle Building and Fat Loss. The workouts use a variety of training methods and include free weight, resistance machines and bodyweight exercises, perfect for any gym lover.

“Excellent app! I tried several other apps only to be disappointed. Fit Gurus cover everything! Plus it has an awesome interface and is easy to navigate between available workouts. I\’d recommend this to anyone who\’s serious about their fitness!” – Picassolina

\”The workouts are amazing I break out in a full on sweat every time, I can hear my heart pumping, it\’s challenging but super easy to follow the instructions and demonstration videos do all the work for you in terms of workout plans not to mention the personal touch with being able to chat to the personal trainers directly if you have any questions or concerns, really such a great app.” -Saffy007

\”I\’ve been using fit gurus for a while now and it\’s genuinely awesome. Easy to use, so much choice, Keeps you motivated.” – MGibbon

\”I tried a lot of fitness apps but this one is outstanding. After using it every day for just 1 week I already notice that my clothes fit better! thank you fitgurus :)” -KatyLeonard31

\”Super creative workouts. Love it.” -Shelby1242

\”Awesome workouts, love the app too, means I can get to a workout perfectly suited to my goals even faster. Thanks!” The_Modest_Mouse

\”I\’ve been using Fit Gurus to make all KINDS of muscle gains. Smashed the leg workout yesterday and would recommend to anyone serious about lifting.” -FraserLancaster

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Freemium
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Paul founded a design company in 2001 which was acquired in 2012. Paul is mad about training, codes and designs stuff while fuelled on green tea and won beard of the week once.David has been a personal trainer for over 10 years. He was part of a team of trainers to open a first-of-its-kind personal training, sports massage and physiotherapy studio in the UK. David\’s training lifestyle has also reaped rewards, having a massive deadlift personal best of 210kg, not bad for a guy only 5\’8 and 78kg.
Founders Names Paul Slater
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
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Twitter Handle fit_gurus
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