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Startup Name: Devie

Tagline: Your personal parenting coach

Elevator Pitch: Devie is a 24/7 personal coach for parents of toddlers and preschoolers. Through daily bitesize chats with Devie, parents learn to address behavioural challenges in ways that support their children’s social and emotional development. We want every family to have access to the quality, personalised parenting support they need to help their children thrive. Building a generation of emotionally healthy and resilient families starts early, and parenting can be overwhelming and isolating at the start. Help can be expensive or unavailable, and parents often feel judged. So, our team came together to help every parent get the support they need, support that’s accessible, actionable, and makes them think, “I’ve got this.”

Devie supports parents to:
– Get research-based, actionable advice on how best to respond to the behavioural challenges they’re facing
– Prevent challenging behaviours such as tantrums by providing information and tips on integrating positive parenting habits into daily parenting
– Promote social-emotional development with simple, no-prep activities
In each chat with Devie, users reflect on how they’ve responded to their child’s social, emotional, and developmental challenges, so each user can get support designed specifically for them. Whether you’ve got a talkative toddler or a fussy five-year-old, Devie is here to help – and listen.

Target Market: Parents of toddlers & preschoolers

How will you make money?: Devie is available via native app for iOS and Android. Our plan is to monetise by:

– Charging a premium subscription of £10/month that includes: an expert behavioural plan, access to premium content, and access to monthly webinars with parenting experts.
– Having native advertising from trusted brands who sponsor chats that are relevant to their offering (e.g. a children’s food company sponsoring content on fussy eating), and charge brands per click.
– Eventually, we plan to transition to B2B and B2G revenue streams, selling Devie as a service into employers who want to support their employees, and into government, particularly healthcare, as holistic and preventive support for young families from pregnancy through their child’s eighth birthday.

How much capital have you raised?: 100-250k

Founder(s) Name: Puja Balachander


Twitter: @DevieCoach

City/Country: London, United Kingdom

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