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Feb 4, 2016

How to Increase Your Capability for Consistently Achieving Exponential Growth

Think about all the vagaries of running a high-technology venture – as executive leaders you need to be setting the vision, formulating strategies for success and operationally attracting and retaining top-level talent, leading and managing teams, sourcing and deploying scarce resources and negotiating ongoing funding rounds, all while building a sustainable platform and compelling products.

Some CEOs and executive leaders have an innate ability to juggle all these balls, keeping them up in the air and constantly moving their business forward. But for every one such person they are 10 others who become increasingly overwhelmed by the level of chaos that surrounds [...]

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Jan 19, 2016

Are You Chasing Your Impossible?


In building your business, as in daily life, there are always goals that seem impossible to achieve. Starting up it may seem impossible to secure the right co-founders, or to raise an initial round of seed funding. Achieving product-market fit may be eluding you as much as angel investors seem to be avoiding you.

However, when you do get customers and investors banging on your door you laugh and realise that what had seemed impossible only a moment ago is actually possible and, in hindsight, you wonder why you were so anxious about achieving those goals. It is all a matter of perspective. Take the word ‘impossible’ – the addition of one tiny [...]

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