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From Mike Nicholls, Annie Parker, Frank Arrigo, Kate Carruthers, Silvia Pfeiffer, Anne-Marie Eilas, Gordon Carr-Gregg and Mark Pesce

Operation Skippy

No one is immune to the compelling images from the Syrian refugee crisis.

At the suggestion of Annie Parker from Muru-D, we are putting together a team of coders + startup people who want to build apps and systems to help the refugees get to Australia and get resettled.

Our first idea is to work with the Digital Transformation Office to create an API to process Visa Applications for Refugees via Smart Phone Apps.

We aim to allow refugees to submit applications, documents, photos and required data to assist the Department of Immigration in processing these and getting 12000 refugees to Australia and resettled as fast as possible.

Think of it like Uber for Refugees. Press a few buttons on the smart phone and a big Qantas Jet picks you up and flies you to a better life.

If you can code or are fluent in Arabic, are active in Government or just want to help, please let us know how you can contribute register to help here and share the Facebook Page with your friends.

Ideally we can open this code up to any country or team that wants to adopt it for their own countries efforts.

Our First Sprint

We are proposing that the Australian Tech/Startup Community help create a solution to help our 12,000 Syrian Refugees get their applications completed, transported and resettled in the minimum time possible.

If you have Coding or Product Development Skills, Arabic or Government Relationships please volunteer a few hours per week for the next few months to help kick start this project.


Please let us know who you are and how you can help here http://eepurl.com/bzPOCL

First Project

Our initial proposal is that we build Android & iPhone Apps in both English & Arabic that can streamline the Refugee Visa Application process https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/842.pdf

The Apps should interface securely to an API that receives and securely stores their details for transmission to the Department of Immigration and appropriate Government Agencies.

Ideally the apps will then act as the notification method back to the refugee for their progress as well as allow the refugee to keep the Department of Immigration updated as to change of location.

Please add additional ideas for apps or services to the Operation Skippy Facebook page

Proposed Sprint for this week:

3 Product Managers
5 IOS Developers
5 Android Developers
10 Backend Coders (Stack TBA, leaning towards NodeJS for speed of development)
1 Devops person
1 Github guru
1 Testing Expert
2 Government Relations Advocates

If you know someone who can help please send them our way.

Facebook Page – in Progress
Mailing List – Done http://eepurl.com/bzPOCL
Trello Board – In Progress https://trello.com/b/4zGz3dnJ/operation-skippy-working-title

Github Repos
Slack Channel

Work with Digital Transformation Office to help us build an API to allow Refugees to make this application form via Smartphonehttps://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/842.pdf

Open Dialogue with Department of Immigration to ensure we meet their requirements for security and process.

Any comments or suggestions or other application or tech ideas please contribute on the Facebook Page.


Mike Nicholls, Annie Parker, Frank Arrigo, Kate Carruthers, Silvia Pfeiffer, Anne-Marie Eilas, Gordon Carr-Gregg and Mark Pesce

Images care of US State Department & Wikipedia

Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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