UNSW Start-up Games produces the Forcite Smart Helmet

by Mike88Jul 23, 2013

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Forcite Police Helmet UNSW

Forcite Police Helmet UNSW

This next-generation motorcycle helmet is the creation of industrial design student Alfs Boyadgis.

Alfs pitched his idea at the Start-up Games an initiative of University of NSW commercial arm New South Innovations and Bart Jellema.

I was lucky enough to be on the panel judging the pitches and asking questions. Alfs idea came about from riding with his mates and the problems they had communicating with each other when they were on their weekend rides. I must say that at first I wasn’t that impressed by the pitch but after hearing more information, seeing the Youtube video and getting a detailed rundown on the feature list I am now very keen about it.

Some of the features included in the design include;

  • Camera system with low resolution constant streaming and Selective High Resolution
  • Communication system for back to base and Adhoc communication of nearby helmets from Police, Ambulance and Fire
  • Noise cancellation via multiple Mic. calibration. 
  • Display(HUD) 
  • Tinted, transparent one way display
  • Anti-fog
  • Bullet proof (optional)
  • Mapping /ANPR sofware/Google map + GPS
  • Phone and Text

This is obviously a design project but it has had an enormous amount of time built into making a beautiful design and integrating the features into the package, much of this capability is available as small boards so I have no doubt this could be built.

The only question now is, who is going to give this guy a leg up to build this thing?




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