Next Door Chores -Buy, Sell or Trade With Your Neighbours

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Ed: Mmmm I have been seeing a lot of these local services, classifieds and goods exchanges for the last year.

Unfortunately this is a double sided market, people only use the service if they know they will find enough other people there buying or selling, usually there are only a few winners per category per country and they gain critical mass and accelerate paste all the competitors. Craigslist already owns this market in a big way and everyone is trying to create their own niche play for each Craigslist section.

Based on my experience of looking around their site and the way their listings are shown, Im not convinced Next Door Chores is going to be one of the winners.

If I look at how the most successful companies have kick started these campaigns, it often involved an enormous amount of manual slog work, stealing listings and customers from whatever platform they were using previously.

In the case of Airbnb, allegedly they were masters of getting Craigslist listings to convert onto their platform.

In the case of online cars, jobs and real estate, older readers may recall when these sites first started launching, it was common after placing an ad in the classifieds to receive 3-4 calls to get you to list your ad on new online platforms. It was not uncommon to have new entrants scrape listings from other sites.

Most of these local plays get the platform launched, but have no idea how to get the listings….

If Next Door Chores wants traction, it needs to work out how to get 10000s of listings per town when advertising is not cost effective, its not a trivial exercise.


Startup Name


What problem are you solving?
Allows people who have little time, resources or expertise to find affordable and convenient help with chores, errands, tasks and small jobs from willing and able members of their local community.
What is your solution?
Next Door Chores is a localized “help” marketplace. It’s a free portal for people to search their communities for the skills and services they need or are willing to provide for others. Neighbors helping neighbors save money, make money and get more done–it’s a beautiful thing!
Why is this a great opportunity?
Buy, sell or trade help with neighbors
Target Market
Unemployed, Underemployed, self-employed, part-time workers, homemakers, stay-at-home moms, students, homeowners, handymen, freelancers, people with hobbies or special skills, etc.
How will you make money?
Subscriptions, Advertisement
Founders Names
Arin Karimian, Mansoor Yosufzai and David Fox
What type of funding has the company received
Bootstrapped/self funded


Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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