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Ed: I like this product and I am now using it. Essentially it allows you to share content, but provides a nice picture of you and a message to drive people to your site after reading the shared content.


Given its only just launched they are experiencing a surge of traffic and the odd performance issue but this is to be expected.

Its not clear yet how well this is working for me personally, so far the click back is a low number (admittedly off a small amount of shares) but I think its very promising if you have a compelling offer to share and it will work well if you have some automated or disciplined regular sharing strategy.


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What problem are you solving? Businesses have a hard time converting their digital audience into customers, whether it’s on social media, email subscribers, or paid/owned/earned media. Brand are sharing content but they struggle to generate an ROI from their efforts.
What is your solution? Sniply lets you add a custom call-to-action to every link you share, thus creating a conversion opportunity within every page. This creates a tangible return from every piece of shared content. For example, you can share a TechCrunch article and still direct traffic back to your own website — We’ve unlocked a whole new form of online marketing.
Why is this a great opportunity? There is nothing out there that lets you embed your call-to-action (CTA)ontothird party webpages. There are serviceslikeHelloBarandManyContacts which lets you add a CTA to your own website,butSniply allows you to add a CTA to any website and on any piece of content you share.The substitute people resort to is to post their CTA directly on social media or send a direct email. For example, if you’re selling a book on Amazon, you can useSniply to embed a message “click here to buy my book” into a TechCrunch article and share that link.Without Sniply, the only substitute is to literally send out a tweet that says “hey, buy my book”. Sniply lets you add a call-to-action to every link you share, which is much more effective than repeatedly tweeting out a direct link to CTA. It is a subtle way to promote your campaign while delivering valuable content.

Sniply creates a click-through opportunity that never existed before. Every link shared without Sniply is a lost opportunity for conversion.

Target Market Sniply serves anyone who shares content online. Our use cases range from nonprofits requesting donations, politicians calling for votes, apps promoting downloads, realtors showcasing properties, recruiters seeking applications, to event organizers seeking attendees and just about anything you can think of.
How will you make money? We run a freemium model with a Free Plan capped at 1,000 clicks per month and paid upgrades scaling up with usage. With the Free Plan,everySniply message is equipped with our branding.Sniply Pro allows for customizations such as colors and themes.Sniply Business allows for further customizations such as personalized URL and concealing our branding. Enterprise plans allow for more team members, brand profiles, and custom integrations.Users subscribe to our monthly and annual plans in exchange for premium features to increase usage and conversion rates.The primary drivers of price is the limit of clicks per month, number of brand profiles per account, and number of team members per account.

There are approximately 30 billion pieces of content shared every month (reported by KISSmetrics), on average each link is clicked 6 times (reported by Bitly), and the industry average for pay-per-click advertising is $1 per click (reported by Moz).

Sniply has generated 50,000,000 clicks and 800,000 conversions, which is a 1.6% conversion rate. With the potential for 30 billion links each month, clicked 6 times each, converting at 1.6% for $1 per click-through (industry standard rate), the potential wishful-thinking revenue could be $3 billion per year.

Founders Names Michael Cheng, Christopher Bowal, Nigel Gutzmann
What type of funding has the company received Bootstrapped/self funded


Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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