by Ahtesham HashmiApr 23, 2015

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Startup NamePostwaves
What problem are you solving?The current “voting on content” systems are a bit broken. They rely heavily on a small group of influencers and moderators to curate content, which leaves too much power in the hands of few. In addition, this system make it very easy to artificially influence the ranking of content by asking friends and paid voters to promote one’s submissions. The end result is biased ranking and neglected quality content.
What is your solution?Postwaves wants to replace the current voting system that fails to weed out poor content. Postwaves solve this with anonymous voting system. User submitted links and posts are filtered by anonymous polls so that only the best content is visible to the community.
Target MarketCommunity run online magazine
How will you make money?Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Moti Weizman is a high-tech veteran, entrepreneur, Founder and technology pioneer with 25+ years of experience.
Moti defined and developed the first real-time video compression system (used in every digital camera today), which lead to the IPO of Zoran Microelectronics.
He also envisioned and designed the first “low-cost” Ethernet switch, which sold over $100M in less than one year. This work lead to his contribution to the 1G Ethernet standard. Both technologies are the foundation of Internet routers used in every connected house and office worldwide.
Founders NamesMoti Weizman
Founders EmailNA
What type of funding has the company received?Bootstrap
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Twitter Handle@post_waves

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