Nuclear TEGSS – Thermoelectric Generator Safety System

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Ed: Not often we get a startup pitch a serious scientific product. I think it’s a fantastic idea that solves a real problem, my only concern is how do you get this into the new or existing reactors?



This is going to be a very hard market to sell into, presumably new plants are built by one of a handful of specialised engineering companies.

Somehow you need to convince the engineering companies and the Governments installing the plant that the TEGSS is a must have item.

Obviously keeping control of the plant is a non negotiable requirement so providing an onsite independent power supply makes a lot of sense, but inserting yourself into the design is non trivial.

In addition you need to somehow manage the engineering complexities of integration into a Nuclear facility without access to one. You can’t just prototype this in your garage.

Good luck with the project I hope you achieve both scientific and commercial success.


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What problem are you solving? As a result of the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station which took place in 2011, a directive was released by many nations that Nuclear Stations re-assess and confirm the safety of their plants for fuel cooling.Currently there is no independent power source that can be sustained when a nuclear generating station becomes isolated. Fuel is needed for conventional standby power systems. The TEGSS is independently powered by the heat which must be dissipated when there is an accident scenario.

This keeps the facility control room powered so that control is maintained at all times and ultimately keeps the harmful nuclear materials contained. During major storms there have been other nuclear facilities that have come close to an accident scenario.

What is your solution? This system addresses the development of an additional safety system for a nuclear facility. The Thermoelectric Generator Safety System (TEGSS) will provide power in the event of a total loss of onsite/offsite power. Power is generated utilizing Thermoelectric Generators (TEG’s) which will extract the heat energy from the reactor.The power can be used for equipment in the control room or other areas as required to ensure plant status is available at all times for critical decision making during an accident scenario.
Target Market The primary markets for TEGSS at this time which provide the greatest sales potential are in Japan, United States, France, Russia, China and Canada.There are currently 437 nuclear power plants world-wide in operation and 67 under construction.

Each power plant has the potential to have a minimum of one TEGSS system installed once it becomes an industry standard.

How will you make money? After the TEGSS is fully developed, the safety system and associated intellectual property will be promoted to a nuclear equipment supplier.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? There are approximately 80 suppliers worldwide. The target market for installation of the TEGSS will be in areas where local climate changes are creating an increased risk to the public and nuclear facility.These areas will have a high population.

Myself Nicholas: I am a graduate from the University of Windsor with a degree in Electrical Engineering and have 7 years of experience in design and project management relating to nuclear power plants. My main inspiration is to aid in preventing future nuclear disasters by increasing safety and reliability. It is a great opportunity because it actually affects the entire population.

Currently there is still radioactive waste seeping into the ocean from the disaster in Japan.

Founders Names Nicholas Dzuba
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
Twitter Handle @TEGSS_NCS

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