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Startup Name Xyicon
What problem are you solving? Today’s building, facility, and property managers are faced with deploying and managing an incredible amount of equipment — struggling to maintain multiple, detailed spreadsheets and conventional paper floor plans for high-performance buildings, multi-tenant communities and other large facilities. To keep pace with the complexity of the modern era, a new generation of software tools is needed. SpaceRunner allows users to map out and tag a ‘Space’ with smart icons representing equipment or assets placed on X and Y coordinates. These ‘Xyicons’ are dynamic data containers that enable any building operator or facility manager to harness the power of SpaceRunner and join the ‘Internet of Things’ revolution.” You can be the next Xyicon Designer! Join us in creating the next generation of Xyicons and you could win a $200 Amazon Gift Card. Enter the Xyicon Design Contest at: http://xyicon.com/xyicon-design-contest/
What is your solution? SpaceRunner equips building operators and facility managers to “think outside the spreadsheet” by displaying equipment, assets, and related data for any “Space.” SpaceRunner incorporates powerful “Xyicons” – smart, location-specific icons – that make it easy for facility operations teams and third-party service providers to:– Empower any user who struggles with manual spreadsheets and conventional paper floor plans to map and manage physical assets in the cloud.

– Provide users with an easy-to-use software application that gives equipment details to keep complex, multi-element projects organized, managed, and maintained.

– Enable collaboration among people and teams with a web-based central repository of “Spaces” and “Things.”

Target Market Building operators, facility managers, property managers, building retrofit teams, field service teams
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Jason Chavez, Xyicon Founder and CEO, guides the vision of SpaceRunner to enable building operators and facility managers to “Think Outside the Spreadsheet” for Visual Asset Management. Xyicon is a spin-out of ComNet Technology, an information technology professional services company specializing in large medical facilities. After tiring with paper floor plans with hand-written notes and color highlighting, Chavez created Xyicon to explore better solutions and developed SpaceRunner as a web-based application that serves as a “visual spreadsheet” for the many different “things” associated with any floorplan, location map or building image.
Founders Names Tammy Smith
Founders Email NA
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Website www.xyicon.com
Twitter Handle @XYicon
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