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What problem are you solving? When choosing a business name you have to go to the ASIC site, IP Australia\’s trademark search, and do a domain name check before being sure that the name is free to use.
What is your solution? Business Name Chooser will test your name against all three sites and give you a pass/fail reading so you can decide a name more quickly. The iPad version lets you do multiple names at once.
Target Market Startups, advisers to startups and new businesses, accountants assisting clients
How will you make money? A user can use our services if they want to actually register the business name, form the company, and apply for the trademark. They do not have to use our service, but we make it easier.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? I have set up quite a number of new businesses over the years, and while the excitement is in the idea and business model, the practicalities mean that early in the process you have to pick a name, logo, brand style etc. All of which take time and detract from the focus on the business. One of the most annoying elements is having to cycle through lots of possible names that you have brainstormed, only to find that they are already taken. I have also advised companies over the years that have even got as far as making an app with logos and names – that they have not secured, and thus have to rebrand before they can launch when they find the name is not usable. There are over 200K new businesses that register every year, so that means a lot of people going through the process. The government has improved the process a lot in comparison to other countries (in the US you need to often check state by state), but you still have to do multiple searches to get to a solution. This app is very simple, but it saves a few minutes during the setup process and allows people to spot check the name while in the brainstorming process without interfering – so means you can move rapidly onto other vital tasks.
It is a very niche product, and we don\’t expect that it will ever hit the top of the Business Apps list, but it can be useful during setup and we have been surprised by the makeup so far even though it has not been marketed.
Founders Names Brent Jackson
Founders Email NA
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Self Funded

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