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Startup Name 2POLYGLOT
What problem are you solving? Need of qualified human translation in short terms and for adequate price. Need of professional native speaking tutor of different languages. Need of talented copywriter able to wtite selling texts in various languages. Need of experienced tour guide in exact country. Long and tiring search process of convenient order executor. Lack of possibilities to earn money with one\’s knowledge of foreign languages. Unsafe and unreliable deals with frauds
What is your solution? International freelance marketplace for translators, tutors, copywriters and tour guides. Every freelancer on the site has one\’s own uploaded portfolio, previous work experience and certificates proving knowledge and skills. When customer publishes an order, freelancers start bidding on it, tha\’s why client doesn\’t have to surf all the site looking for a reliable executor, it\’s only enough to choose from a bidding list. There is a special feature called \”Safe purchase\”, which lets refund customer\’s money in case of unexecuted order or make freelancer recieve money for sure in case of executed one.
Target Market Companies and individuals having the need of translation, copywriting, tutoring services, translation agencies, linguists desiring to make a profit with their knowledge, bloggers, blog sites etc.
How will you make money? 1) Paid pro accounts 2) Safe purchase fees 3) Online content shop sales 4) Additional partnerships monetization
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? In 2015 the famous American research company “Common Sense Advisory” published data:
$73 billions per year: it is the market of all translation services in the world; 1,5 million professionals of translation field; Increase of translation specialists in 2020 will be 42%; Rate of increase of translation services market will be 15%. This data confirms that target market is dynamically emerging. So The founder of \”2POLYGLOT\” Andrey Prudko having 12 years experience in web technologies area decided to launch market for linguistic freelancers from all over the world.
Founders Names Andrey Prudko
Founders Email NA
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Website www.2polyglot.com
Twitter Handle www.twitter.com/polyglotservice
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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