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Startup Name Declara
What problem are you solving? The sum of all human knowledge exists on the Internet, but we need a better way to discover, curate, and share it. Declara provides a more sophisticated bookmarking tool to curate interesting content you find anywhere on the Internet and gives you a dynamic platform to share it with like-minded people. Our recommendation engine allows you discover more content and people, tailed to your interests and behavior.
What is your solution? Declara is a new way to discover, curate, and share articles and videos that you enjoy everyday. It intelligently connects you to collections, content, and people so you spend less time searching – and more time engaging. From learning new skills to keeping up with the latest news, Declara puts interesting content at your fingertips.Declara lets you:

 Browse collections of high-quality articles, videos, and PDFs

 Highlight and share important information with insights

 Discover highly relevant content and people

 Follow experts, peers, and friends

 Curate, organize, and social share content quickly with our Chrome

 Get updates from friend\’s actions

Declara gives you access to a community dedicated to information that suits your interests, making you more knowledgeable and capable. Available for FREE as an iPhone app, web app and Chrome extension.

Target Market Declara is open to anyone who wants a better way to discover, collect, and share knowledge.
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Ramona Pierson and Nelson Gonzalez have a vision to change the way the world learns. At the age of 22, Ramona Pierson was in a horrific accident that put her in a coma for 18 months and left her blind for 11 years. She had to relearn everything, from breathing to smiling, and walking to speaking. Her recovery became a process of redefinition that inspired Ramona to devote her life to understanding how people learn.
31 years later, Ramona has a degree in neuroscience and has founded three successful companies. She worked as a neuroscientist at the Palo Alto Brain Center and VA hospitals, assisting soldiers who sustained head wounds during combat. In 2005, she created The Source, an early online social learning solution adopted by Seattle Public Schools. In 2007, she founded SynapticMash, an education software company that later sold for $10 million. You can find out more about her by checking out her Ted Talk, this profile in Bloomberg Businessweek and this local news article. She was also named one of Entereprenur Magazine\’s 6 Innovative Women to Watch in 2015 and is a 2015 Stevie Award winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year! Nelson González brings over 20 years of global experience in entrepreneurship, education, healthcare and social impact to his role at Declara. He was founder and CEO of Advent Strategy, and served as Chief Strategy Officer at the Stupski Foundation, where he created a campaign to redesign public education systems across eight US states. During his career, Nelson has advised the Colombian President and the CEO of Burberry on innovation practices, and managed the campaign of Afghan Finance Minister, Ashraf Chani, for UN Secretary General. He has developed social impact portfolios for Charles and Helen Schwab, Mo Ibrahim, Larry and Joyce Stupski, Walter and Elise Haas, the Stuart Foundation, the Asia Foundation, and the Sobrato family. Together, Ramona and Nelson work with a team of passionate creators to bring Declara’s vision to life.
Founders Names MJ Alcantara
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @declara
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