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What problem are you solving? There has never been a service that directly acts to keep co-parents out of the child support system, by facilitating a way for them to make their very own child support agreement. The website allows parents who are able to communicate amicably, come to this website, construct, and document their own unique child support agreement without any involvement of the court system whatsoever. The beauty of is that it gives the users the ability to change the agreement terms as the situation demands. A court ordered child support agreement does not have this flexibility. Nor will it ever. These parents desperately need a solution to accurately show every type of support sent or received as well as vital tools to help maintain that agreement over time. Countless times have families been shattered by individuals making false claims out of spite or anger. Those days are over.
What is your solution? is an interactive website designed to take the confusion out of informal child support agreements between two people. The site enables the users to make an informal agreement that mandates the agreement length, payment amount and frequency, due date, as well as stipulating for what exactly the payment is intended for. The users are also able to stipulate responsibility for things like holidays, summer visitations, school district placement, etc. as well as establishing protocol for any and all situations that may arise during the course of an agreement. Unlike court-ordered child support, the beauty of is that it gives the users the ability to change the agreement terms as the situation demands. Both parents having a place where they can come together in a neutral environment without the hassle of drama and bickering, is why is the best tool to have in your corner.
Target Market Millions of co-parents actually have the capability of productive positive communication even though they do not reside in the same residence. Co-parents desperately need a unique child support agreement suited to their individual needs and circumstances. It is an assumption that all relationships with children end with animosity and strife, but that is not always the case in the slightest. Of the almost 55 million co-parents in the United States, 9-11% had an informal or verbal agreement already in place. There is a desperate need for the individuals to make their own unique agreements without the court’s involvement. These individuals would negotiate and build a customized agreement that fits their unique situation, document the agreement with the website’s documentation and storage software, and then use the website’s feature rich user interface to manage and streamline every aspect of the co-parenting dynamic.
How will you make money? After a 30 day risk free trial, there is an option to upgrade to a paid account of $19.95 a month recurring subscription.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Here is my story: Seven years ago the world lost a light that shined on all around it. That beautiful light was my baby brother, Aaron Lockhart. He was taken from us way too soon. As I launch, I am reminded of why I began this journey in the first place. No family should have to deal with soul-wrenching grief because of the loss of a loved one, due to the stress of child support issues being more than they can bear. My brother took his own life because without a doubt, the child-support system is broken. I never knew that 88% of men who commit suicide are currently involved in some kind of child support dispute. I knew right then, my brother\’s untimely passing could be a catalyst for change. There was not a single solution out there that directly focused on keeping co-parents out of the child support court system. So I made one.There has never been a viable solution that caters to parents who are able to make their own non-court ordered informal child support agreement. There are a multitude of software and web solutions that cater to the divorce demographic, but the major exception is that they all only focus on the issue of child support after a divorce, court order or decree. Documented research shows that individuals are more likely to continue child support payments when they are not forced by the courts to do so. The reason being is that individuals who are paying child support directly to the mother or father can see where the funds are going. There is also less of an issue of children being used as pawns to restrict visitation out of animosity or spite. The features of the website have been thoughtfully researched to determine what will make co-parenting easier without the need for court intervention. These features included at website launch are: Family Bulletin Board, Parent Visitation Scheduling Calendar, Family Event and Appointment Planner, Payment and Support Tracker, Incident Log, Personal Task Planner, Message Center, plus a website community social network.
Founders Names Alpheus Lockhart
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @ICS4DramaFree
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