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Startup Name FHMatch
What problem are you solving? With word of mouth being the biggest way fitness, health and wellness professionals, and clients looking for these services connect – there had to be a easier way. The world needs one platform where you can search the broad selection of qualified professionals in your area and narrow down your options. With FHMatch\’s optimized platform consumers can search professionals in their area, narrow down their selection based on pictures, videos, client reviews and social media pages to find their perfect match.
What is your solution? What is FHMatch? Well we’re not a dating website… but we will help you find a fitness, health or wellness professional in your area. Chat, book an appointment and review professionals all on FHMatch.com. Just search, select and connect to book your appointment. It’s always free, fast and easy to find your perfect match.FHMatch is a web based marketing gateway where professionals can showcase their skills, with video, photos, accreditations, website links and social media profiles. It allows easy access for consumers to find, chat and book professionals all in one place.
Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Lite ($0/month), Premium ($24/month) and Corporate Memberships ($65/month)
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? David Quenneville, Founder, CEO
As a past collegiate competitor and active participant in rugby, soccer and mountain bike racing, I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and helping consumers find the right fit for professional health and wellness services.
Professionally, I have over 20 years of experience in senior portfolio management, across several verticals in relationship management where my career has focused on customer benefit to value and strategic mapping. My tenure is well versed in strategic management with global accountability in international and domestic financial services markets in B2B management.
Over the last several years my roles in global leadership has centered on managing relationships for IT and operations in banking & financial services, including markets in North America, Europe and Asia.
As a dynamic leader with a robust, consistent and methodical approach, I focus on executing strategic positions on targets and standards in the digital age.
Adam Arifi, Co-Founder, EVP
When I was first approached about my thoughts on FHMatch, I immediately valued the idea of a web-platform that would concentrate on customer engagement and client access, while showcasing professionals involved in the health and wellness industry. Although I lead a very active lifestyle, over the years I have been plagued with numerous reoccurring injuries. As a result I understand the struggle and difficulty involved in locating a reliable knowledgeable professional to treat my chronic aches and pains.
Trying to locate a professional has always been a painful and time consuming process. This led me to realize the importance of FHMatch and that it is a much need solution in the marketplace. I bring my unique background as an entrepreneur and small business owner, along with an abundance of determination and life-skills to help build FHMatch’s success.
Angela Holland, Co-Founder, EVP
I grew up in SW Ontario, where much of my free-time was spent being active across several sports including baseball and soccer. Starting my career as a lawyer then later as a small business entrepreneur, I relocated between Ottawa and Toronto to build on career opportunities. However, despite having a large network of contacts it was always a struggle to find new health and fitness professionals, whether it be a reputable massage therapist, fitness trainer or locating recreational sports leagues. When presented with the opportunity to join FHMatch and to be part of creating a new social media platform focused in the health and wellness industry, it was something I had to be a part of.
Aside from my enthusiasm for being active and trying various pursuits including golf, dodgeball and inner tube water-polo, I bring to FHMatch my background as a commercial litigator and corporate counsel in both the public and private sector.
Craig Schultz, Co-Founder, CTO
From personal experience of going for an adjustment at a chiropractor, having physiotherapy on my knee, and massages to manage stress, I felt that the FHMatch proposition of bringing all of these services together in one easy-to-use platform made a lot of sense and would be a site that I would use myself. After meeting with the team and identifying our complimentary experiences and skills, I eagerly jumped on board.
I have been engaged in the technology sector for over 20 years where I have played a role in multiple companies including high-tech start-ups, online gaming, communications and healthcare. At every opportunity I have expanded my experience into product and development, production IT operations, sales and strategic planning. While my focus is generally on technology, I also pride myself on my ability to be an excellent trailblazer.
Founders Names David Quenneville
Founders Email NA
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Website www.fhmatch.com
Twitter Handle fhmatch
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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