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Startup Name myOrb Limited
What problem are you solving? Information, Communication and Application OverloadWe are confronted with more data from more sources than ever before with our information stored across multiple email threads, subscription based cloud drives, local drives, browsers, apps and devices.

Knowledge workers waste 20% of their working week and a lot of mental energy tracking down information needed to complete tasks. myOrb reduces stress and increases focus, even when you have been away from a task for some time. With myOrb say goodbye to “where did I save it?” It’s all in in one place so you get straight into your zone.

Private First, Social Second

The space owner has complete control over the content and members of each space. Users are simply in a space or not making it private and secure by default meaning complicated privacy settings are not needed.

User Accountability

The space owner is accountable for its members and content. Our users monitor themselves, which delivers a significant ethical, strategic and cost advantage when copyright, libel and privacy laws inevitably catch up with the web. Facebook, Google and Twitter cannot (currently) economically monitor their user’s content creating a conflict of interest.’s independent status allows it to put the interests of users first offering an oasis free from exhaustive noise, data mining and intrusion.

What is your solution? With privacy a main concern for its designers, has been built from the ground up to be a totally private system, protecting its user’s information rather
than exploiting it.
Built by a small independent team of developers is a lightning fast
browser based, application that works across all devices and is the simplest way to
store, share and collaborate with all of your information. Myorb is probably the most advanced and fully featured web application in the market.Offering the functionality to source, organise and privately share information of
almost any kind – individually or in groups – unifies the digital world into one, easy to navigate place; essentially becoming a visually organisable online toolbox enabling you to work faster without the wasted mental energy needed to remember where you last left off.

Designed as a collaborative sharing service, allows users to share content which is open and visual across a range of views, including our unique zooming scrolling canvas. Coupled with the ability to communicate via instant chat, email, notes and comments within the app, is a potent productivity tool.

Without the need for a native app, is compatible across all devices offering the same functionality on mobile, tablet or desktop browser. Using cloud servers this versatile web application takes the load off devices, offering responsive services, without consuming memory or battery life.

Target Market Consumer, Enterprise and Education
How will you make money? Subscriptions/Advertisement
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? myOrb Ltd was set up by one man, Tirath Bansal who had a vision of super-fast, HTML5, browser based technology back in 2009 – recognising that in the future the quantity of information and data would become overwhelming. Coding began in late 2012 when Zenon joined myOrb. Since then the team has grown into a 7 man operation, which has been working on over the years.
Founders Names Christian Rogers
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle @myOrbLtd
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