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Startup Namejsreports
What problem are you solving?SaaS businesses benefit from being able to deliver great reporting features faster and at a lower cost, helping them compete better in the marketplace and win business. JavaScript developers benefit from a product that fits their workflow better than existing solutions.
What is your solution?jsreports makes a pure JavaScript reporting solution that fits today’s modern web application stacks better than legacy solutions. It’s:

– lightweight
– easily extensible
– works with a variety of data sources
– enables end users to modify report templates directly in the browser
– can render to HTML as well as export to PDF and Excel entirely client-side with no server roundtrip

Customers are SaaS businesses needing a user-friendly web-based reporting solution as part of their product offering, as well as internal development teams building web applications for internal consumption.

Target MarketBusinesses
How will you make money?Starting at $450 for single developer license; OEM licensing available for SaaS products
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Founded by Emil Schutte (me), independent consultant in the Bay Area, with more than a decade of experience building reporting solutions for SaaS companies
Founders NamesEmil Schutte
Twitter Handle@teamjsreports
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