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My name is Tony Nguyen - I'm a freelancer, web developer and startups lover!


Startup Name Monomail
What problem are you solving? You receive two types of email everyday: human email and machine email.

It’s only the first type you interact with. You don’t have a typical conversation with your “Facebook – weekly page update” or “GoDaddy – Three days to save 40%!”.

They’re just one way automated messages you receive, everyday, in your inbox.

So we imagined a new way to manage all notifications, updates, alerts, promos and newsletters.

What is your solution? Monomail is your new home for newsletters, notifications, updates, alerts, and all other machine-mail.WhatsApp is for messaging. Gmail is for emails. Monomail is for subscriptions.

We’re rolling out publicly in March 2016.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? Free
Founders Names Luigi Meclea
Twitter Handle @monodotemail
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Startup Name YoGrow
What problem are you solving? ECommerce is the fastest growing retail market. This is a worldwide phenomenon. ECommerce is growing and as the technological barriers are lowered the market for small to medium sized businesses increases. YoGrow helps companies grow by helping them achieve their goals. If they need help to get there, our integrated marketplace connects them and lets them track their performance and return on investment.

The market is ripe for disruption. Other marketplaces have been flooded with poor quality marketers. The majority of e-commerce store owners have had negative experiences with hiring experts. They have been sold the snake oil. As a consequence, many e-commerce stores do not grow.

Seeing the growth pains e-commerce stores have and working with them to help them informed the initial MVP, based on a dynamic spreadsheet. It’s from these simple beginnings the SaaS tool YoGrow was developed. We saw demonstrable results of stores finding experts, tracking their performance and growing.

What is your solution? YoGrow is a growth accelerator for e-commerce sites. We help store owners understand their data, set targets and find experts that can grow their revenue. Forget the data overload of other analytics packages and clumsy spreadsheets. Our monthly service makes it simple and effective to grow your business.Set targets for your key e-commerce metrics and track performance. We show live updates from our one-click Google Analytics integration.

Need to hire help to grow? Find an e-commerce expert from our hand-curated directory. Get realistic proposals within YoGrow. Pay and measure success all in one place. Get proposals based on your store data with growth built in.

Once you’ve settled on a proposal, pay within YoGrow and measure the experts performance. Because we capture revenue growth and cost, we can provide a live update on your return on investment. Forget vanity metrics and make sure you are always getting a positive ROI.

Get realistic proposals that deliver. Cut to the chase. Save time. Don’t grow your data, grow your business.

Target Market Businesses
How will you make money? Free trial then $19 per month
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Elliot Taylor is the founder of YoGrow. He is based our of ‘Silicon Beach’, the emerging tech hub in Brighton, UK. This year he was accepted on the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator.Prior to creating YoGrow, Elliot ran an e-commerce agency for 5 years. He became a recognised and active member of the WordPress and WooCommerce community. He has spoken at WordCamps, co-organised conferences and meetups across the UK. Prior to starting his agency he worked as e-commerce manager at a number of UK online retailers.

This hands-on experience with e-commerce of all shapes and sizes has informed the decision to create YoGrow.

Founders Names Elliot Taylor
Twitter Handle @raisonco
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Actions s.r.l.

Startup Name Actions s.r.l.
What problem are you solving? The basic paradigm of traditional desktop computing hasn’t much evolved in the last 30 years. Meanwhile, the quality and quantity of activities we expect to be performed on computers has changed and increased dramatically. The introduction of GUIs to personal computing was a perfect solution for allowing people in the 80s, who had never used or perhaps not even seen a computer, to be able to interact with these machines. Apple introduced the GUI in order to make “the computer for the rest of us” when “us” meant the people in the 80s, who had never seen or used a computer. Now “us” refers to those of us who have grown up with computers and mobile devices, including tech-savvy professional from all fields. However, they still suffer from the limitations of excessively mediated techniques developed for a different world and necessities.We believe that now is the time to rethink the experience of desktop computing with a focus on productivity and flow.
What is your solution? Quadro turns your iOS device into a customizable control center for computer applications.Lead using touches instead of dragging your mouse around and getting lost in menubars. Set the stage for a smooth workflow, customising the function and look of any command to your requirements.

Automate repetitive tasks and create cross-application and cross-platform macros with ease, so as to let the computer work on your behalf. Isn’t this what they are meant to do?

Working with Quadro shortens the gap between the formation of an idea and its implementation, improving flow and focus for any professional user

Target Market creatives, consumers, designers, tech-savvy, digital natives, desktop users
How will you make money? Through Sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Cristiano Troffei, co-founder and inventor of Quadro, started his journey in IT at the very early age of 13, fixing computers after school for 5 bucks per hour.

Endeared by arts, he then specialized in design studies, with conscious detours in the code world, and a masters degree in audio engineering and music composition. His mixed-media career and interests, merged with a visceral love for technology, brought him face to face with an incredible amount of application from all categories of software, deepening his understanding of the inner workings of digital product design and the relationship between organic hardware (people) and digital software.

Enrico Cirone’s differently started nurturing his love for graphic and design, frequenting his father’s lithography, where he started interacting with Mac computers at a very early age. Methodical and passionate, he always took the extra-mile to improve his technique, and, like Cristiano, is always self-teaching on a vast number of topics.

They met as kids in design school and have been best friends since then. Before founding Actions s.r.l, they ran a digital design firm for 7 years.

Founders Names Cristiano Troffei
Twitter Handle @quadroapp
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Startup Name ZipShipit
What problem are you solving? Having to drive down to The UPS Store or Post office and standing in line to ship a package
What is your solution? ZipShipit gives consumers the ability to compare prices between carriers, print a label and ship a package from home or office while getting 15%-40% discounts off retail rates.
Target Market Individual Consumers and Small Businesses
How will you make money? Spread between the Volume discount rates that ZipShipit gets and the discounted rates that are passed on to the consumer
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? This is a $100 Billion industry that has not changed years and when consumers can buy anything without leaving home…why can’t they ship?
Founders Names Mitesh Patel
What type of funding has the company received? Bootstrap
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Twitter Handle @ZipShipit
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Startup Name QuietKit
What problem are you solving? There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and stress seems to be ever-growing in our society, with few healthy ways to manage and deal with it. Meditation can do a lot to help people learn how to become less distracted and less stressed, but so many of the resources for meditation either complicate how to get started, or immediately try to upsell you before you see any benefit.QuietKit gives you guided meditation for beginners, for free, so you can get started right away, without having to sign up, install, or pay for anything.
What is your solution? Learn to increase focus, reduce stress, and increase mindfulness with simple guided meditation for beginners from QuietKit. No signup, no cost, just start meditating today!
Target Market consumer
How will you make money? free
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? John Turner, Founder
CEO/Founder of UsersThink
Founders Names John Turner
Twitter Handle @UsabilityGuyPGH
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Startup Name ExamZone
What problem are you solving? We allow users to create exams and quizzes online.
What is your solution? Users need to buy one of our response packages that included a number of responses for their exams and create exams online, by typing the questions and answers, and choosing the type of answer.
Target Market Educational institutions, teachers, human resources departments
How will you make money? By selling response packages.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Dan Tatomir is the founder of this ingenious web-based app. He is passionate by everything involving technology, from web-based apps to flying his own plane. An innovative spirit, always eager to make the world a better place and, most importantly, to make lives easier. This particular web-based app will help teachers who need to create exams for their students, HR departments who want to recruit new candidates or train their staff, as well as other institutions who use exams, tests or quizzes for their staff evaluation. We offer a free response package for everybody to be able to discover the variety of features available with ExamZone.
Founders Names Dan Tatomir
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
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Big Rock Labs Inc.

Startup Name Big Rock Labs Inc.
What problem are you solving? The Search & Discovery of local professionals.
What is your solution? Reach: Connect Better, Locally.Reach is how professionals meet locally. It’s a free smartphone app that uses geolocation to help you discover the professional talent and prospects closest to you. It also makes networking easy with in-app event registration and a safe & secure instant messaging platform. Reach is the perfect tool for anyone looking to expand their network and make real handshakes.
Target Market Professionals of all ages
How will you make money? We have a Freemium business model and plan to sell premium features of the app in the future.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Mobile Apps are transforming Events and the Job Search, yet there will always be a need for personal interactions and real handshakes. Reach combines the best of both worlds.Harald Seemann is a German national living in Toronto, Canada. He is an expert in Corporate Finance and Public Relations.

Matt Kaine helped evolve Toronto-based Pivot Design Group’s position and services from a traditional User Experience agency into a leading multi-disciplinary firm focused on developing and re-inventing solutions throughout public and private health care organizations. As Pivot’s former Account Director, his relationships span across the United States and Canada with notable projects in wearable technology, data visualizations, design/user research and apps for internationally recognized institutions such as UHN, CPAC, ACS and others.

Steph Bigue was the co-founder of Motion Season Studios, a Toronto-based digital services boutique, in 2006. An entrepreneur from an early age, Steph began designing and producing tech products in his second year at Ryerson University where he studied Business Management. He has since owned and consulted for companies in need of digital products and marketing solutions for over 10 years.

Jens Brandt is an innovative business developer with international experience and superior problem solving and interpersonal skills. He has a solid understanding of all aspects of business development and achievable results within the manufacturing and service industries.

Balaji Gopalan, a Product Management Advisor, Entrepreneur and Educator, is thrilled to join forces with Big Rock Labs to build an impactful innovation plan for Reach. “I’m excited to work with the Reach team because I think the most exciting aspect of opportunities in digital, cloud-based innovation is in taking the most fundamental, essential aspects of our daily lives and making them richer and easier, adding contextual awareness to remove barrier tasks. This is what Reach does, connecting people together, faster, to do great things. I love how Reach actually works on enhancing human interaction and productivity, which is sometimes what technology loses sight of. I am thrilled to help figure out where we can take Reach next,” commented Gopalan.

Mr. Gopalan will be working with Big Rock Labs on building a go-forward value proposition for Reach, which is already seeing early success as a professional networking tool. Gopalan will assist with customer and use case analysis and feature prioritization, as well as in establishing a long-term product practice / development process at the Company.

Founders Names Harald Seemann, Matt Kaine, Steph Bigue, Jens Brandt
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
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Twitter Handle @thereachapp
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Naveego DQS

Startup Name Naveego DQS
What problem are you solving? Creates confidence and trust around the quality and accuracy of your data. Reduces the complexity of your data quality process.
What is your solution? Naveego DQS is a new, easy way to track, analyze, and monitor the quality of the data you use every day to make critical business decisions — all in one centralized tool. You will spend less time fighting data quality issues and more time building data you can actually trust.
Target Market Data Analysts, Web / App Developers, Database Developers, BI Analysts, Data Quality Engineers, Reporting & Analytics Analysts, Database Managers, Programm
How will you make money? through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Naveego is headquartered in Traverse City, Michigan, and has been delivering Master Data Management (MDM), Data Integration, and Business Intelligence solutions to customers for over 5 years. The Naveego platform was originally developed while part of a local technology company, and was later spun off to form Naveego, Inc. Our founding team includes experts with over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, data integration, master data management, and web application architecture. Derek Smith has designed the Naveego platform from the ground up and has been leading the company since 2014.
Founders Names Derek Smith
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Twitter Handle @Naveego
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