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Startup Name Toolwatch
What problem are you solving? We like to use the analogy with cars : some people own and drive a car but they don\’t like to drive, they just have to because of work for example. When you wear a mechanical watch, you have the choice to do so, because you could wear a quartz watch or even no watch at all. This means that you are, at least a little, interested, concerned or even passionate about watchmaking. And if this is the case, you want to know if your watch is doing fine, if it needs to be serviced by a watchmaker or not. And those are exactly the questions answered by Toolwatch
What is your solution? Toolwatch helps watch aficionados around the world to measure and track the accuracy of their mechanical watches. This is, in fact, the only way of knowing if the expensive watch you bought is working fine. Our goal is to share our passion for accurate timepieces with the world and improve the experience of owning a mechanical watch.Unlike professional tools that are expensive, heavy and measure the watch in different positions (up, down, on a side etc) that do not reflect the actual way the watch is worn by its possessor, Toolwatch measures the accuracy of the watch following the user’s lifestyle.

After a free registration (mandatory in order to have access to the dashboard and track your watches over time), the user synchronizes easily with Toolwatch’s accuracy system. He will be prompted to come back later, at least 12 hours, with an automatic email for the second synchronization that will give him the accuracy of his mechanical watch by calculating the delta between the two synchronizations.

Target Market Consumers
How will you make money? We are totally free right now and exploring the idea of a premium model in the future but our current focus is only acquisition and improvement of the user experience.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Marc Montagne, 26 years old, founder, engineer background, currently working in Switzerland in the watchmaking industry as a Digital Project Manager. Vincent Satiat, 26 years old, cofounder, currently also working in the watchmaking industry as a Business Analyst. Mathieu Nayrolles, 25 years old, cofounder, Ph.D Student at Concordia University in Montreal. All three of us are coming from France and currently living abroad.Marc and Vincent are friends since high school. Vincent was curious of Marc’s passion for mechanical watches, asked him what it was all about and that’s how he got into it too. Finally, Mathieu and Vincent were the best man of the same wedding!

Marc worked at PayPal, failed in founding a previous startup ( and then worked for Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vincent started his career at Richemont before joining Vacheron Constantin. Mathieu is a Ph.D Student at Concordia University in Montreal.

For any questions, we can be reached at or on Twitter/Facebook

Founders Names Marc Montagne
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle Toolwatchapp
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