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Startup Name Happy Ears
What problem are you solving? By using innovative problem solving and strong design Happy Ears has reached a hard-to-please audience and succeeded in the difficult task of making earplugs attractive.Thus, people start using them in noisy environments (e.i clubs, raves etc) instead of ignoring protecting themselves and thereby risking damaging their hearing.
What is your solution? The worlds best non-custom earplug, that blocks out harmful noise, while preserving superb sound quality. Simple, smart and sexy.
Target Market 19-29 yrs women in the world\’s 40 largest metropolitan areas
How will you make money? Through selected retail stores, music events & clubs
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? The noise level in our society is being cranked up every year.
City-generated, ambient background and high volume sounds. This
can be stressing and even lead to the development of noise-induced hearing loss and varying degrees tinnitus. The prevailing method to solve this problem is with foam-based earplugs (which block out sounds at all level making, for instance, conversations difficult), or with expensive and non-user friendly professional earplugs. Hence the need for something better.1 billion earplugs are sold per year whereof 95% are foam plugs. Good for industry but worse less for city people that wants to be able to communicate in their everyday life. Not much has happened in the earplug business since the foam plugs were introduced to the market in the 70\’s and by just putting them in consumer packages doesn\’t do it for urban people.

Our names are Jukka Viitasara and Karl Berglund and we are the creators. The company, the production and we ourselves are based in Sweden, but we create earplugs for everyone around the world.

Founders Names Karl Berglund & Jukka Viitasara
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? Angel
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Website www.kickstarter.com
Twitter Handle #happyearskickstarter
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