Droners.io – Connecting Drone Pilots with Users

by Mike88Sep 3, 2015

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Startup NameDroners.io
What problem are you solving?The drone/UAV industry is exploding. Everyday you see headlines covering the great uses for them, and unfortunately also a lot of negative things from them due to their irresponsible use. Our mission is to make drone services easily accessible and affordable to the everyday consumer, safely, and legally. We make it super easy for anyone to post any kind of job, whether it be a wedding, real estate, or a surf session, and get connected with 100’s of professional, legal drone pilots.
What is your solution?Droners.io connects you with local, professional drone pilots to film your wedding, real estate, surf session, anything. Read reviews, compare prices and hire the pilot that best fits your needs and budget.
Target MarketConsumers
How will you make money?The site is free to use for clients. Pilots pay 10% for each job, with a $1k cap.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Dave Brown, the founder, is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. He has been building web applications for over 10 years. Over the last two years he has built several two-sided marketplaces including the Google funded CustomMade.com, a similar type of marketplace for makers of custom furniture, jewelry, leather, and anything else you can imagine. Armed with the experience of what it takes to build and scale a two-sided marketplace, Dave knew exactly what he needed to do to get Droners.io off the ground. Two months later, he launched Droners.io with a slew of features, including platform messaging so that clients and pilots could easily communicate togther, a secure online payment platform to allow clients to easily pay their pilot and reviews to help pilots build their brand and reputation.
Founders NamesDave Brown
Twitter Handle@dronersio
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