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Startup NameUtillix pty ltd
What problem are you solving?Utility breakages due to inaccurate and hard to understand 2D drawings.
What is your solution?3D/augmented locater app,color coded for different utitlites,GPS cordinorates uploaded to cloud and crowdshared.
Target MarketConstruction workers/company\’s.,Local councils,plumber,service providers.
How will you make money?Pay per app for the average Joe.subscription for bigger company\’s.
Add ons in app.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity?Only a handful of company\’s have started to look at disrupting this market.
The technology for brining this view to the smartphone and tablet is only there now and the GPS is getting better.
It\’s all about getting the information to the guys doing the damage via there smartphone,not having it in the managements office several klms away from the work in progress.dbyd a free goverment provide 2D extremely bad drawings to be downloaded and printed for use on any project.
Ours is easy to view color coded with approximate location with the option of uploading and saving your own work for yourself or to crowdshare for future use.save company\’s time and money looking for covered up utilities months down the track.
Founders NamesOllie morrissey
Founders EmailNA
What type of funding has the company received? 

Government Grants

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Twitter HandleMorrisseyollie
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