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Startup Name TimeTree – calendar for sharing
What problem are you solving? This app offers a solution for common scheduling problems within families, friends, businesses, sports teams, and other such groups.For example:
* Between family members or significant others
– It\’s often necessary to call family members to ask what time they\’ll be returning from work, or if they need dinner prepared for them.
– Family events two or three months in the future are easy to forget.

* Between friends, colleagues, or sports team members
– Events are often difficult to arrange on times or dates convenient for all members of a group
– It\’s hard to recall, or know where to look up, the dates of team events

What is your solution? [TimeTree Features] – Sharing calendars with your group is surprisingly simple.
– No complicated registration process. To share a calendar, simply send its URL link.
– Each schedule features a communication space for posting text and videos.
– It\’s easy to have a conversation, which is often necessary when planning events. You can also conveniently look back on previous conversations.
– You can have several calendars at once.
– This app keeps family, business, personal schedules and more, all in one convenient location.[TimeTree functionality] – Compatible with iOS / Android.
– Free to download.
– Ability to share a calendar with up to 100 other users.
– Ability to maintain several calendars at once.
– Ability to display and edit events in the OS calendar.
– A space to post comments or videos on each event.
– Notifications sent to users of a shared schedule upon creation or editing of the schedule.
– Ability to copy events within a calendar.
– Ability to share schedule information with other apps.
Target Market consumers, family, couple, team, friends
How will you make money? Through Sale
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? This is a Japanese startup.
The app was created mainly by former employees of Yahoo! JAPAN and KAKAO JAPAN.
Founders Names NA
Founders Email NA
What type of funding has the company received? NA
If you have a press kit or image gallery please provide a link (optional) NA
Website www.timetreeapp.com
Twitter Handle TimeTreeApp
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