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Startup Name
What problem are you solving? Every time you start a new business, the problem of a quick start of the product emerged. You can spend up to 1 year building your first prototype. One day we found out that in every new FinTech product we solve the same problems and spend lots of time on it.
That was a day when we came up with the idea to help FinTech entrepreneurs around the globe build their products in the fastest way. We applied all our experience and the best ideas in this product.
In 2014 we launched the first version of – a “helper” software product for FinTech entrepreneurs.
It has proven to save entrepreneurs tons of time and money.
What is your solution? Here are the major products and services that may be built with platform:
• Loyalty programs
• Gift cards
• Prepaid cards
• Billing
• E-wallet
• Currency exchange
• Payment processing
• Bitcoin based services
• mPOS acquiring
• Payment systems
• Mobile payments
• P2P money transfer
• Lending platforms
• Card’s transaction router
Any FinTech product can be built using as a back end software in the shortest terms. Companies usually spend about a year working on the prototype. By using that time can be cut to as little as three months.
Target Market is a “helper” software product for FinTech entrepreneurs. Our target audiences are startups, CEOs, CTOs and other business level people who are looking for a solution to build new FinTech product. We also offer a bundle of modules for developers of FinTech products to help them to save tons of time developing new product. is also an opportunity for FinTech businesses that are looking for level up audit.
How will you make money? We have 2 business models: Saas and lifetime license. Depends on business model we offer different pricing plans and opportunities for our customer.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Our mission is to assist FinTech entrepreneurs to focus on their value added and clients while we take care of the technology.
Business is like a Formula One World Championship with two competitions: one for drivers, one for constructors. A business owner is a pilot of a Formula One Car. is the engeneering team that can design a Car and make a “pit-stop” support during a race, helping you outpace competitors and accept new challenges.
Founders Names Alexey Malyshev, Pavlo Sidelov
What type of funding has the company received? Self Funded
If you have a press kit or image gallery please provide a link (optional)
Twitter Handle @sdkfinance
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