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What problem are you solving? We find that more and more people increasingly forget about their relationships, their friendships, their memories! We believe you deserve to be remembered. We believe your memories deserve to live on. And we’ve decided to solve that with By placing messages across time, across the globe on top of real-world locations, the uses are endless! Stiq at the concert you’re at, leave stiqqers for families to read at memorials…describe your most memorable moments through a few mere words, that will forever live on!

Every location holds something special to us all, as well as individually. Now you can share and connect with others at specific locations not just in that moment, but across time. That means you can also leave messages at special locations for your children’s children if you wish!

What is your solution? We take Facebook and Twitter one step further! allows users to ‘stiq’ private or public messages, called stiqqers, to their exact location, anywhere in the world. These stiqqers can’t only be seen by others at the same location, but can be navigated to via Google Maps as well!Stiqqers can also be upvoted or downvoted, which affects their ranking. Registered users can also connect to other users as ‘friends’ and make use of private stiqqers.

You can trace back your memories via pinned stiqqers on a world map. Stiq about the latest concert you attended. Leave messages at memorials. Tell passers-by to not walk past the awesome restaurant. The uses are endless.

We’re not a social network. We’re a social globe.

Target Market Consumers
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Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? So has 2 Co-Founders; Hakeem and myself. Hakeem is the crazy one out of the 2! Believe it or not, he was undertaking Computing at Imperial College London but decided to risk it all by dropping out to follow his startup dreams! I think that’s pretty courageous. Grown up freelancing in web development, graphic design and video production – he’s become a leading figure to the startup community by organising 2 StartUpWeekends, being the VP of Imperial Entrepreneurs and a mentor to budding entrepreneurs. Honestly, I gotta say he inspires me.Me (Kajol), on the other hand, I’m the weird one. Completing my Physics degree at Imperial College London, I’m now ready to take on the world! Sounds like something from Superman. Being the business and marketing guru in the team, I keep the spirits high and mighty (by bribing Hakeem with cookies.) Having had experience within the financial industry, I hope to use my knowledge to make bad-ass, whilst developing my designer skills to allow’s user experience to be amazingly awesome.
Founders Names Hakeem Javaid
Twitter Handle @stiqqers
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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