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Startup NameKONSTRUKTOR Inc.
What problem are you solving?1. My time – functionality with which you can control all their affairs and do not forget one of the most important plans and events.
2. Custom stats.
3. Work with selected users.
4. Convenient and simple search across all content in the site.
5. Instant Messenger.
6. The ability to create personal community and manage them.
7. Team projects that you can keep with the appointment of a responsible and separated rights.
8. CRM.
9. Your articles which you can create and publish.
10. The possibility of creating investment projects and attraction in them.
11. The ability to manage all of your finances in your application.
12. Own cloud storage connected to application.
13. Text and tabular editors for working with documents.
14. Order lease devices (iPad, printers, stationary points).
What is your solution?We help you to realize your dream. We help to create and collaborate more efficiently what leads to a faster implementation of your dreams. For this we create an environment conducive to: removal of all kinds of boundaries; acquire knowledge; the exchange of information; ability to communicate; find resources to implement all kinds of artistic, scientific and other projects.
Target Market NA
How will you make money?Undefined.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? 

Vlad Krishtop

Founders NamesVlad Krishtop
Founders EmailNA
What type of funding has the company received?Private Equity
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Twitter Handlewww.twitter.com/konstruktor_inc
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