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Startup Name Balboa by PKC Security
What problem are you solving? Existing collaboration products are vulnerable to data breach, subpoena, violate HIPAA and other regulatory requirements, and often sell client information to third party advertisers.
What is your solution? Balboa encrypts files and chats before they leave your computer, so only the sender and recipient ever have access to the data.This means turn-key compliance with HIPAA, ABA , and BSA. It means that even if Balboa suffers a data breach to hackers, your information is still safe because only you have the key to unlock your data. It means we will not and cannot sell your data to third party advertisers.

It means you can collaborate in safety.

But even more than that – Balboa is simple, fast, and works entirely in the browser. There are no plugins, updates, or downloads to worry about, and we\’re up to 15x faster than DropBox.

Balboa is the the perfect combination of usability and security.

Target Market Teams that need secure collaboration
How will you make money? We charge $4/user per month with a 30-day free trial period.
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Founders:Becker is a computer scientist with expertise in intrusion detection, censorship and surveillance evasion, and cybersecurity data analytics. He has worked with Microsoft Research and DIMACS on Chinese censorship and espionage, at the Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Laboratory on the insider threat problem, at Bridgewater Associates developing financial analytics, and in kinetic warzones guaranteeing continued and confidential communication with allies. Published research includes work in machine learning and censorship analysis. His primary interests include applied cryptography, censorship circumvention, and cybersecurity education.

Ken is an information systems security engineer with expertise in designing secure system architectures and conducting comprehensive security assessments. At Booz Allen Hamilton, he undertook cyber security consulting efforts across multiple sectors: oil & gas, national defense critical infrastructure, and high security government systems. Most recently, he has served as one of four primary investigators in an international-based security assessment of an industrial production system responsible for generating $45B in annual revenue. His primary interests include technical attribution across networks, web security, and cryptography.

Daniel is a computer scientist specializing in the sociological impacts of cybersecurity for organizations and nation-states. With the Princeton University Center for Information Technology Policy, Daniel researched network security and reverse-engineered algorithms behind Chinese censorship infrastructure. While at the FCC, Daniel worked on the launch of a new nation-wide mobile broadband measuring technology with over 3 million volunteer participants. Primary interests include exploring novel user-interface design in the development of cybersecurity tools for security non-professionals, obfuscation technologies, and steganography.

The lay of the land:

In the 90s it was a big deal to secure the client\’s connection to the server. But a lot has changed in 20 years. There is no reason we have to send all of our data to the cloud in the clear. Your data should belong to you!

In the same way that TLS made the internet usable in the 90s, client-side-encryption is poised to become the new normal. Apple\’s iMessage and What\’sApp have proven this is already the case for messaging. For chat apps, if you\’re not encrypted on the client, you\’re quite simply below the bar.

The next front to be explored is the feature-rich cloud application. The technology exists now to encrypt all informaiton on the client, yet still leverage the scalability, global access, and durability of the cloud.

It\’s just negligence that allows entrenched players like Slack, DropBox, and Google Drive to get away with leaving your data in the clear on their servers.

Balboa is poised to be the first of a new type of cloud service. One where the data truely belongs to its users.

Founders Names Becker Polverini, Kenneth Kantzer, and Daniel Chyan
Founders Email NA
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Twitter Handle getbalboa
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