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Startup Name PRIKK
What problem are you solving? Projects of any size are possible. Prikken says: Free reward-based Crowdfunding (non-cash reward). Equity is excluded. This means for example: An organization or private person launches an innovative product, an exciting exhibition, a great concert or social charity. The Promoter collects over the crowd, for example 10,000 Euro and take it all – minus three percent transaction costs (2015). The project promoter provides the PRIKKERs (Investor, donors) a special non-cash reward, such as dedication, autograph card,a special edition or an earlier product receipt. Everything is possible. \”We open a new chapter in crowdfunding: All the money for your project! Prikken is for everyone, \”says co-founder and CEO Michael Neugebauer. \”We finance PRIKK by our Freemium modell, which is offering innovative additional services and by advertising: We don´t ask for voluntary donations,\” explains co-founder and CEO Naftali Neugebauer. Bettina Dürrheim, co-founder and creative director: \”PRIKK democratizes Investments.\”
What is your solution? PRIKK elevates crowdfunding on a new level. No fees or commissions for the raised sums will be retained. Average fees are ranging in most crowdfunding platforms from 4% to 15%. In addition, 3% to 5% transaction-costs are added in many crowdfunding platforms. PRIKK takes 0% of the funded amount! Only transaction costs (bank) will be charged (3%, per 2015). All money goes into the project. No fees, no commissions, no MLM, no asking for donation or other hidden costs like initial-fees or set-up-fees are charged.
Target Market crowdfunding, free crowdfunding, innovation, start-ups, ngos
How will you make money? Through sales
Tell us about the market & founders, why is this a great opportunity? Michael Neugebauer – An author of several books and professional. He is founder and managing director of PRIKK.Naftali Neugebauer – Founder and managing director of PRIKK – Certified E-Business- Manager and holds some outstanding awards like „Social Responsible Manager of the Year” (2005) und „Nomineé Deutscher Fairnesspreis“ (2011).

Bettina Dürrheim – been a Founder and CEO in the area of Public Relations and Communication/Marketing. Dürrheim has got some outstanding awards like “Social Responsible Manager of the Year” (2005) and various awards as Art-Director. She is founder and Head of Creation & Communication.

Founders Names Naftali
Founders Email NA
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Self Funded

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Twitter Handle @prikkworlds
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Pitch your Startup, App or Hardware or post a Startup Event or Startup Job

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